Product Testing USA Reviews: Is It Legit Or Not To Test Products?

In a highly competitive market, more and more manufacturers are using product testing sites to gain valuable feedback and reviews.

Product Testing USA is a popular American site that allows users to receive products for free in order to test and review them.  Users then get to keep the product free of charge.

Product Testing USA aims to help brands to improve the consumer experience by gaining honest feedback on how their products work.

What Kind of Products Can I Receive from Product Testing USA?

Product Testing USA offers a wide range of products, often from well-known brands.  Categories include technology, fashion, food and drink, child-care, and health and fitness to name just a few.

You may need a little patience in order to browse through all of the products on offer but, your patience may be rewarded with the chance to bag a high-value product such as Beats headphones or Nike sports shoes.

In addition to free products, users can apply to become mystery shoppers at leading stores and supermarkets and receive money off vouchers in exchange for a review.

The site also includes sections for free samples and voucher offers.

How Does Product Testing USA Work?

To begin with, you need to sign up to the site in order to gain access to free products.

Signing up to Product Testing USA is free and you’ll need to fill out an online form with an American postal address and cell phone number.

Once you’ve filled in your details, be warned – you’ll then have to plough through five pages of offers from utility companies, charities, and other assorted businesses looking to get their hands on your data.

Although this is a little irritating, just keep clicking on ‘No’ or ‘Not Interested’ and you’ll eventually reach a page notifying you that you need to verify your email address.

Pop into your emails, open the Product Testing USA message, and click on the link to verify your details.

You’ll then be taken back to the home page ready to begin.

Once you’re signed up, you can apply to test as many products as you like. Here is a guide to the Product Testing:

How Do I Get Free Products to Test?

Once you’re all signed up and your email address is verified, you’ll be able to browse through the products available on the site.

From the bar at the top of the page, click onto ‘categories’ and you’ll be presented with a drop-down list of all of the categories available – from here, click onto the category you’re interested in, such as fashion or technology.

You’ll now find yourself on a page jam-packed with ‘test and keep’ offers and opportunities to become a mystery shopper at a well-known store.

Click onto the product that interests you and you’ll be presented with another five pages of offers and charity come-ons – many of which are the same as the ones you’ll already respond to during your initial sign up process.

Once you’ve clicked your way through all of the offers again, you’ll be directed to a page notifying you that your application to receive the product has been confirmed.

Please note; this does not mean that you will receive the product, only that your application is under consideration.

You will then need to keep an eye on your email inbox – making sure to check your spam folder – to find out if you have been accepted to test that product.

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The Pros and Cons of Product Testing USA

They do say that, in this life, you get nothing for nothing and, product testing sites work very much on the principle of giving and take – i.e, you get a free product but you have to leave a review in exchange.

The following are some of the pros and cons of Product Testing USA:

Pros – The Good Stuff

  • Free products. By signing up to Product Testing USA, you’re given the opportunity to receive – and keep – high end products in exchange for taking a few minutes to leave a review.
  • New stuff.  Being a member of the site allows you to browse products from stores and manufacturers which you may not have seen before.
  • Risk free.  Product Testing USA is free to join so you won’t find yourself out of pocket if you’re not happy with the products that you do or don’t receive – your only outlay is your time.

Cons – The Bad Stuff

  • Tedious process.  Clicking your way through all of the offers and charity requests is time consuming and annoying – particularly when these are repeated from the sign up process to the applying for products process.
  •  Time for waiting is long. Once you have finally managed to apply to test a product, you need to wait for an email to see if you have been successful.  After 24 hours, I had not received even an acknowledgement email from my product test application.
  •  Email Spam. If you do agree to any of the offers during the process, you’ll find yourself inundated with irritating spam emails and telephone calls, not just from the company you clicked onto but also many many others. In addition, take note of the very small print underneath the product offer that you have chosen – you will see that there is a pre-ticked box confirming that you agree to be contacted by the world and his wife by email, text or phone.  Make sure that you untick this box in order to avoid this.
  • Scam concern.  After following the time consuming processes on the website, there’s no real way of knowing if any of the offers are actually genuine or just an unscrupulous way of getting hold of your contact details.

Is Product Testing USA A Scam?

This is definitely a case of ‘time will tell’ for me as I await my first email.  Looking at the fine print, it is clear that, for each product, usually only one tester is chosen.

This means that, when you apply to test a product, you have a very slim chance of being successful.

Although I would not say definitively that Product Testing USA is a scam (as the terms and conditions are there.

If you have the time and patience to wade through them), it is clear that the primary purpose of the site is to allow businesses to get their sticky mitts on your data.

What’s The Best Alternative To Product Testing USA

A quick Google search will show you that there are stacks of alternatives to Product Testing USA, both for USA only and for worldwide use.

Having tried a fair number of these sites, one of my favorites is Cashbackbase.

What is Cashbackbase?

This is a testing site exclusive to Amazon products. Users can browse the simply laid out site for interesting products, and then can choose any items they want for testing.

You don’t have to wait for luck. Just sign up and account and you can freely claim anything you want.

How does Cashbackbase work?

how to get amazon free items on Cashbackbase

Unlike Product Testing USA, Cashbackbase’s clear and transparent site offers a number of deals – some of which are paid and some are free.

Many of the products which are paid are offered at a large discount.  As well as great discounts, Cashbackbase features tons of products offered for free and you can always find what you need.

When signing up to Cashbackbase, take a minute to look through the ‘how it works’ section which explains that, with a number of free products, you also need a certain number of points on your account which are gained each time you make a purchase.

Once you’ve clicked onto a deal, you will then need to log onto your Amazon account and purchase the product at the price stated there.

Once your purchase is complete, return to Cashbackbase, sign into your account to upload your order info in order to apply for the stated discount to be refunded to you.

Cashbackbase has a number of advantages over Product Testing USA which include:

  • A more transparent system – you’re told exactly what is required in order to receive your chosen product.
  • Less ambiguity. Once you’ve gone through the process of choosing and ordering a product, you know 100% that you will actually receive it.
  • Spam free.  Unlike Product Testing USA, you are not required to agree to hand over your data in order to receive a deal and, therefore, won’t be subjected to all of those annoying emails and phone calls.
  • Points make prizes.  The more products that you purchase through Cashbackbase, the more points you collect to use on getting hold of free products.

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Although it is possible to receive free products through Product Testing USA, this system can be compared to buying a lottery ticket in that there’s only a very slim chance of success.

With a site like Cashbackbase, although you may need to pay for a product in advance, you are guaranteed to receive the deal offered on the site, making it a lot more effective – and a lot less frustrating – than Product Testing USA.

If you are that kind of ” If it is free, it is me” person, don’t miss out these two channels to get free items and become a product tester!