MerchantWords Discount Code for The Best Amazon Keyword Tool

There are tens of thousands of orders generating on Amazon every day, and the first step for consumers is to type the keywords of the product that they want to purchase.

If you want to maximize relevancy and click-through on your listings, you need to make sure they are as closely linked as possible to the keyword the consumer enters.

MerchantWords is the most familiar and representative of all online tools that analyze Amazon keywords.

They collect more than 20 million of the most commonly used keywords on Amazon.

The way they collect data is very similar to how Google built the database: Collect frequently used keywords directly from Amazon, as well as keyword search volume on other search engines, and then use statistical analysis to estimate the volume of searches for individual keywords on Amazon each month.

In that case, you can know whether the keywords of your product listings are popular.

It’s very easy to get started with MerchantWords, just open the website and input your keywords. Then, you can get the EST. monthly search volume and dominate categories of related keywords.

Here is the good news! We have applied a 70% off discount ($30 USD to $9 USD ) for our readers who would like to use MerchantWords, hit the link below to get the coupon!


MerchantWords Pricing Plans

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