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How to Use the MarketScout Coupon & Discount Code?

#1 Browse through one of our exclusive discount links on this page.

#2 If a MarketScout discount coupon is required, enter “ AMZFinder 

#3 Check out and make sure the discount has been applied

MarketScout Coupon & Discount Code FAQs

MarketScout Discount Code

1. How to Apply MarketScout Discount Code?

Simply click the button below.


2.  Is the MarketScout Coupon Code validated?

Yes, it’s provided by MarketScout officially.

3. Is There a Free Trial for MarketScout?

Yes, you can try MarketScout for free.

4. What is MarketScout?

MarketScout is a competitive intelligence tool for Amazon sellers.

5. What is the price of MarketScout?

MarketScout is offered for a one-time cost with no ongoing fees or subscriptions. The price per ASIN, UPC, or EAN starts at less than $.01. The more credits you buy, the cheaper the cost per item becomes.

6. Is MarketScout available for a monthly fee?

MarketScout does not have a monthly cost. MarketScout is billed on a per-use basis.

7. Is MarketScout compatible with both Amazon FBA and MFN sellers?

Yes. Although MarketScout is particularly valuable for Amazon FBA sellers, anybody who sells on Amazon may profit from it.

8. What exactly is a MarketScout “credit”?

One MarketScout credit is equal to one ASIN, UPC, or EAN lookup.

9. How accurate is MarketScout’s Amazon data?

MarketScout delivers statistics as of the time you submit your request. MarketScout’s findings are very accurate since they are based on the most recent accessible data from Amazon.

10. May I forward the discount link to my friends?

Yes, anybody can use the promotional link/code to make a purchase and receive a discount.


You can receive data-driven insights about the products you are considering stocking fast and inexpensively by utilizing MarketScout. Just simply click any of our promotional links to enjoy the MarketScout discount.


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