Selling on Amazon can be fun and rewarding and, increasing numbers of people across the world are forging careers by marketing and selling a wide variety of products to customers worldwide.

The advent of search and analytics software has revolutionized e-commerce over the last few years and, today, there are lots of different packages to choose from, from inexpensive solutions for beginners to more sophisticated, advanced systems for seasoned pros.

Sellers no longer have to perform manual searches of products and spend hours updating and inputting data into spreadsheets, allowing them to concentrate on the business of selling great products.

Here, we take a look at two of the best product research tools currently on the market in the aspects of their effectiveness, ease of use and value for money.



The Terapeak SEO Pro, established in 2016, is specifically designed for eBay and Amazon sellers and currently boasts in excess of two million customers.

Through integration with Google, Terapeak SEO Pro generates SEO optimized titles in four languages in order to help move products up in search listings and attract more shoppers to a site.

Terapeake’s powerful software analyzes, understands and predicts consumer and product behavior in order to evaluate pricing, opportunities, and trends.

Terapeake SEO Pro offers three different packages to suit different budgets and requirements; SEO Pro which costs $3.58 per month (billed annually), My Sales Pro at $10 per month and Research at $12 per month.


The most basic of Terapeake’s packages feature a top keyword search, listing data samples and worldwide optimization.

My Sales Pro

With all of the benefits of SEO Pro, My Sales Pro also features key metrics, opportunity improvement identification and trend leveraging.


Terapeake’s most comprehensive package, Research combines the features from SEO Pro and My Sales Pro with market trend analysis, sales-driven product identification and search and chart features.

Users of Terapeake list the most helpful aspects of Terapeake as the access to closed listings and the trends tools and the Hot Search feature, all of which customers say is great for those just starting out as sellers without a clear idea of what it is that they want to sell.

With just two and a half out of five stars on Web Retailer and three stars on Trustpilot, negative comments about Terapeak include opinions that the system is slowly running, confusing and not very user friendly, there is no option for Chrome there is only three months worth of back data available and that the updates made are pointless and ineffective.

Customer support for Terapeake is large via an online contact form which can make waiting for an answer frustrating but reviewers report that, once received, their query was answered politely and accurately.

Jungle Scout

jungle scout app

A cloud-based software package, Jungle Scout was developed to help manage and organize product searches and data for e-commerce sellers.

The package features a suite of three separate products and data tools – the product database, product tracker and the niche hunter which together form a comprehensive set of selling tools.

Boasting that sellers can stay one step ahead of the competition, the toolkit is available as a Web App or Chrome Extension and gives users access to the largest possible Amazon product database.

The well-reviewed suite of products is available in three different price plans – $29 per month for the Start-Up package, $49 per month for the Standard package and $69 for the Business package.

With a full 5 out of 5 stars on TrustPilot, users state that the benefits of Jungle Scout include the ease of navigation and the full, live support service which includes webinars and Facebook Live events.

The package is particularly popular with new sellers who, on the whole, have been impressed with the user friendly, easy to navigate dashboard.

Product Database

The product database allows users to filter multiple product items across a variety of different categories by inputting search parameters into the easy-to-use system accessed from their dashboard.  Once the data has been input, the system quickly provides a comprehensive listing of appropriate products.

Product Tracker

Of significant use to both new users and veterans, the product tracker allows users to easily transfer products from their own product database into the online tracker in order to access in-detail information on the products such as a breakdown of product properties, sales history, progress, and trends.

Niche Hunter

The most sophisticated product in the Jungle Scout suite, Niche Hunter is currently only available with the Standard and Business Packages.

This handy piece of software helps to update your products and make improvements in order to boost sales as well as helping to identify new revenue streams by calculating niche opportunity scores, top ten sellers metrics across a range of products and comparing scores and reviews for popularity.

Jungle Scout generally releases updates two or three times per year and, as well as notifying users of new features, also publishes helpful and easy-to-understand release notes on the website with a tutorial option.

With full and easy-to-understand release notes indicate that Jungle Scout is extremely useful for new users and those still getting to grips with selling technology.

But, more experienced users may find the simplicity and the unreliability of data frustrating – with many adding that they needed to use it alongside another system in order to achieve the desired results.


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In terms of value for money, Terapeake is an attractive proposition with packages starting from just $3.58 per month, however, this is billed annually so users are required to pay for a full year in advance.

Users have also warned that the full amount may be debited from bank accounts before the free 7-day trial is complete.

At a more pricey $29 per month, Jungle Scout is a more expensive option but monthly payment options help to spread the cost.

Data Accuracy

Unfortunately, neither Terapeake nor Jungle Scout scored particularly highly in terms of data accuracy.

Although Terapeake’s data accuracy was largely scored as ‘average’ it may be a better option than Jungle Scout whose data accuracy is termed ‘unreliable and inaccurate’ by reviewers.


Many reviewers were frustrated by the fact that Terapeake’s customer service is almost solely via an online contact form, causing many users to take to online forums to try to find a more satisfactory way of contacting customer support which, once reached, was described as friendly and accurate.

Jungle Scout’s reviewers were more than happy with the level of customer support received and praised the live support, social media forums, and online troubleshooting.


Although useful for search features and access to closed listings, the overall impression of Terapeake is that of a fledgling package with many issues and problems still to be ironed out.

Although not considered suitable for more sophisticated and experienced users, Jungle Scout is the more professional of the two packages with its ease of use, training and troubleshooting features, and strong customer support.

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