Selling on Amazon can be fun and profitable and offers a way to escape the 9 to 5 and branch out to run your own business.

In the past, many people have been put off by the laborious prospect of ploughing through thousands of products on Amazon and adding the facts and figures into a spreadsheet in order to choose the right products to sell.

The advent of product search software has been a game-changer for Amazon sellers but, which is the best?

We compare the two top products for effectiveness, ease of use and value for money.

Jungle Scout

jungle scout app

The popular software package, Jungle Scout, launched in 2015, is an impressively packaged cloud-based tool kit for Amazon.

Promising to effortlessly organize, track and sift through sales data to help launch and scale a sellers business, Jungle Scout contains a suite of three tools – the product database, a product tracker and the niche hunter.

Jungle Scout’s marketing boasts that sellers can stay one step ahead of the competition with the tool kit which gives users access to the largest Amazon product database available.

Available as Web App or Chrome Extension, the suite, which Forbes called ‘The best resource in data-driven research’ costs $29 per month for the Start-Up package, $49 for the Standard package and $69 for the Business package.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars on TrustPilot, reviewers report that one of the main benefits of Jungle Scout are the ease of navigation and full, live support service including webinars and Facebook Live events.

New users in particular have praised the user friendly, easy to navigate dashboard.

Product Database

The product database lets users filter multiple items across a number of different categories by using a number of different factors.  The results give users a comprehensive listing of products quickly and easily.

Product Tracker

Users can transfer products from their product database into the product tracker in order to get a breakdown of data and to follow progress, history and trends.

Niche Hunter

Only available with the Standard and Business Packages, Niche Hunter helps to diversify your product and discover new revenue streams for your brand by calculating niche opportunity scores, top ten sellers metrics, and quality scores.

Jungle Scout is updated two to three times per year with full and concise release notes published on the website.

Whilst an extremely helpful tool for those just starting out with Amazon selling, more experienced users found a lot of the data to be unreliable and inaccurate and, the overall feeling is that Jungle Scout is not suitable for those experienced users looking to go on to build a long-term business from Amazon private labeling.



The recently launched AmaSuite 5 promises to uncover the keywords and products guaranteed to make you money on Amazon.

The appropriately named AmaSuite 5 contains a suite of five tools to search, research and analyze products on Amazon’s marketplace.

The AmaSearch Analyser researches keywords once you have entered your product categories and then shortlists these products.

The AmaReview Analyzer improves and differentiates between products to allow users to see which products have been liked and disliked in order to improve their own product performance.

AliInspector works in conjunction with AliExpress to identify products on Amazon to be sold on AliExpress.

The AmaKeyword generator searches for the keywords on Amazon which are used most in customer searches.

AmaSuite 5 is currently priced at $197 with an option to pay in four installments of $67.

Reviewers found the training modules helpful and the site reasonably easy to navigate.  Described by most as powerful and accurate with solid live support,  complaints include the fact that it’s not ideal for international selling and the Facebook features are confusing and unhelpful.



Beginning at just $29, Jungle Scout is by far the cheapest option, although this only covers the basic package which does not include the Niche Hunter option.  The Business Package at $69 which includes the full suite is still extremely competitively priced compared to the $197 price tag for AmaSuite.

Data Accuracy

Amasuite provest itself to be streets ahead in terms of data accuracy with a solid five stars compared to Jungle Suite which is cited by many as unreliable and inaccurate in many instances.


Both Jungle Scout and AmaSuite offer live support and social media forums and sites. Both score highly on live support, however, reviewers feel that AmaSuite’s Facebook support is confusing and unhelpful compared to Jungle Scout’s more structured and useful setup.


Jungle Scout is viewed by the majority of users as a useful and reasonably priced tool for those just starting out as Amazon sellers and looking for a little guidance in choosing and sourcing products to sell.

Jungle Scout’s comprehensive training modules and live support make it ideal for beginners but experienced sellers were frustrated by the lack of power and the unreliability of data provided.

One advantage Jungle Scout has over AmaSuite is that it is suitable for those selling internationally allowing for a wider scope for selling.

AmaSuite is the more expensive of the two options but, experienced users feel that you get what you pay for.

A powerful suite of software with accurate data, advanced features and an easy to navigate dashboard make this the perfect choice for more sophisticated sellers, however, users feel that AmaSuite need to work a little more on their social media forums and sites which are cited as confusing and chaotic.

The main downside to AmaSuite according to users is that it is not great for those looking to sell into different countries across the world, although this is something that AmaSuite says they will be looking into for future versions.

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