Helium 10 Review

Helium 10 Review: Is It the Best All-in-one Tool for Amazon Sellers?

As an Amazon seller, you’ll be aware that there are several tools available to help you optimize your sales.

For many sellers, finding great products to sell – and finding the right keywords to optimize SEO is a constant struggle.

Today, we’re going to be talking about one of the most comprehensive tools out there – Helium 10 – a really useful online site for researching product ideas and finding keywords.

The following is our review for Helium 10.

What is Helium 10?

Owned by Manny Coats and Guillermo Puyol, Helium 10 is a software product created by – and specifically for – Amazon sellers.

The product features a large suite of tools that help sellers to find the right products to sell and the most effective ways to optimize SEO and evaluate the competition.

Helium 10

Who is Helium 10 for?

Although the tool can be useful for beginners, Helium 10 is mainly targeted at experienced and serious Amazon sellers.

Helium 10’s comprehensive range of features provides an all-in-one toolbox for those who sell on Amazon for a living.

Helium 10 covers a massive number of Amazon territories throughout the world – click HERE for the full list.  Although Helium 10 covers almost every country worldwide, the keyword feature is not currently available in Canada.

How Much Does Helium 10 Cost?

Helium 10 offers four basic plans and three booster plans which are priced as follows:

Free Plan $0

Helium 10’s most basic plan is free to use and is designed as a taster for those looking to find out if Helium 10 is right for them.

Platinum Plan $97 per month

Great for beginners, the Platinum Plan includes the basic features needed for light-volume sellers to get up and running. If you pay it annually, you will only need to pay for $970 a year.

Diamond Plan $197 per month

The Diamond Plan is ideal for the more experienced seller who is looking to super-size their Amazon selling business and features increased limits and capabilities. If you pay it annually, you will only need to pay for $1970 a year.

Elite Plan $397 per month

For the serious Amazon seller, the Elite Plan is the highest tier of Helium 10 and includes lots of extras including training, workshops, high-level networking and, access to every feature and tool.

Follow-Up Booster Plans

Beginner $47: 5000 emails per month
Pro $97: 50,000 emails per month
Enterprise $197: Unlimited emails per month

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What’s in Helium 10 for Amazon Sellers?

Helium 10 has a large number of tools and features for Amazon sellers and, these are as follows:

Product Research Tools

Black Box

Helium 10’s Black Box is an advanced product discovery tool.  Black Box allows users to search for products which are trending and selling well.

You can also refine your search with a number of parameters to help you make a selling decision.  

For example, you can set a search for high or low-quality listings to give you an idea of how your product may compare.  


As you may have guessed, Helium 10’s Trendster is all about identifying trending products.

The tool then goes a step further and allows users to view the product’s launch date, sales rank, and price history to give a more detailed picture of trending products.

Keyword Research Tools


One of Helium 10’s most important tools, Magnet, is a sophisticated keyword research tool for sellers.

Magnet takes the seed keyword and offers a pulldown list of related terms. Users can also research further for a larger list which comes with a handy relevancy score.

Once you’ve done your research, it’s really quick and easy to export your keywords into a spreadsheet.


When searching the web, incorrect results due to spelling errors can be frustrating – and, for sellers, it can mean lost sales.

Helium 10’s Misspellinator checks your keywords, shows you common misspellings and, for each, lets you know if it’s a case where Amazon will auto-correct.

The benefit of this is that sellers can add the common misspellings to their backend keywords in order to take advantage of these search errors.

Product Launch Tools


Cerebro is an incredibly clever tool which can help sellers to gain immediate sales.

By pasting the ASIN of an existing Amazon product into Cerebro, sellers can get their hands on a list of all of the keywords which that product ranks for on Amazon.  

Much more than just keyword research, Cerebro gives you instant access to the keywords which are working for your competitors.

This is a fantastic tool for those launching a new product as it can help to get immediate sales.

Once you’ve got your keywords, you can sort them and rank them with Cerebro’s IQ Score which shows you the level of opportunity for each.

Follow Up

Helium 10’s Follow Up is an email automation tool that simplifies the email process for sellers.

With its easy to use dashboard, Follow Up lets you view all of your activity, set automation, build templates and manage your products.


This ‘monstrous’ sounding tool is, essentially, a cleaner for your keywords.

For sellers using a variety of different keywords, Frankenstein is an essential tool for removing duplicate and unnecessary words to keep your keywords pristine.

Listing Optimization Tools

Index Checker

The Helium 10 Index Checker makes light work of making sure that your product is indexed for all the right keywords.  

Even if you’ve done all your research, the Checker is a good way of double-checking – all you need to do is type in your ASIN and your list of keywords and, the system will check and report back that the product shows up for each.

Keyword Rank Tracker

Fairly self-explanatory, Helium 10’s Keyword Rank Tracker takes your ASIN and your keywords and tracks them for you to show you your current and historical ranking.

This important tool allows you to continually work on improving your ranking in order to increase your sales.


Vital for those who wish to make sure that all of their important keywords are used, Scribbles (found at the bottom of the list of de-duped keywords) is a key tool.

Scribbles move keywords from your ‘unused’ list to your ‘used’ list to make sure that none of your important words are missed.

Maintenance Tools

Inventory Protector

This tool is an important one if you tend to run lots of offers and discounts.

Inventory Protector allows you to set a maximum order quantity per customer so that you can avoid one customer buying up your whole inventory at a reduced price when you run a promotion.

Hijacker Alert

Finding that you have a listing hijacker is one of the most frustrating parts of being an Amazon seller but, don’t worry, help is at hand!

Helium 10’s Hijacker Alert will notify you if a new seller appears on your listing.  This means that you can then contact the seller directly and, get Amazon involved if necessary.

Brand Gate Checker

On the back of Hijacker Alerts, Helium 10’s Brand Gate Checker can show you if your gated brand is at risk from hijacking – and to what extent.

This is an important tool if you are selling large volumes on Amazon.


The Helium 10 Profits tool uses sophisticated data analytics to give you an accurate view of the financial status of your products.

Profits measures all incoming and outgoing finance to give you a representation of which products are profitable and which are not.

Refund Genie

Occasional loss and damage are, unfortunately, a fact of life for an Amazon seller but unfair when the fault is not yours.

When Amazon Fulfillment loses or damages one of your products the system is supposed to alert you and refund you accordingly but this doesn’t always happen.

Helium 10’s Refund Genie keeps an eye on your Amazon account for you and lets you know if you’re due a refund so that you can then begin a claim process with Amazon.

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Helium 10 Chrome Extension

For an Amazon seller, it’s all about analytic and, Helium 10’s free Chrome extension can help to improve ranking, increase sales, optimize listings, increase traffic, and perform competitor research.

The Chrome extension features are:   


This feature allows you to view data on a product belonging to you or a competitor and provides revenue estimates and trends.

ASIN Grabber

The ASIN Grabber provides a competitive analysis of similar ASINS to help you stay on top.

Profitability Calculator 

Exactly what it says – this tool uses competitive analysis to show you the bottom line for your product.

Inventory Level

This cheeky little tool allows you to snoop on your competitor’s inventory levels.

Review Downloader

With this tool, you can export and view your competitors’ reviews to extract insights.

Listing Health Score

Check the optimization of your – and your competitors’ – listings quickly and easily.

Pros and Cons of Helium 10

Nothing in life is perfect – but Helium 10 is pretty close!  Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of this Amazon seller tool:

The Pros

  • Range – Helium 10 contains a huge number of tools that are of practical use to Amazon sellers.
  • Accuracy – The product and keyword search tools are extremely relevant and accurate.
  • User-friendly – Helium 10 is really easy to use – even for beginners.

The Cons

  • Price – Although Helium 10 has a free plan, you really need to go for the more expensive plans in order to get hold of the best features.
  • PPC – Helium 10 does not currently feature an Amazon PPC Manager.

What Do People say About Helium 10?

So, you’ve heard what we have to say about Helium 10 – now we’ll take a look at the key parts of other reviews:

Helium 10 provides the best tools for Amazon sellers that I have come across. I use these all the time as they provide me with the information I need to make the best possible business decisions. The support team is also great and everybody is very approachable and helpful!

Julia Morrison 

I have invested in other Amazon educational programs, but Helium 10 has definitely given me a lot more info. I’ve already got one product on its way to the warehouse. Helium 10 gets you a little deeper beyond the basics. And…. I still have a lot more info to go through.

Dennis Zukowski 

Helium 10 has so many powerful tools in a single package. The Freedom ticket makes it even a greater package for Amazon sellers. I would definitely recommend it to others.

Wei-Chou Chen 

Still not convinced?  Don’t worry, there are a few alternatives to Helium 10 out there:

Helium 10 Alternatives

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is an internet-based suite of seller tools including keyword and product research.  Pricing ranges from $19 per month to $49 per month and includes a Chrome extension.

See also: Jungle Scout Review: The Differences Between Web App and Chrome Extension


SellerApp is a great all-round package of marketing, sales and productivity tools designed specifically for Amazon sellers.  Pricing ranges from $199 per month to $549 per month.

Viral Launch

Viral Launch offers a whole bunch of tools including product research, keyword research, and competitor analysis.  Pricing ranges from $50 per month to $166 per month.


AMZFinder is a powerful email automation tool, VAT invoice generator and review manager for all Amazon sellers.

It can help Amazon sellers obtain more positive reviews, skyrocket rankings, and sales.

Also, you can easily manage all your reviews in one place and stay updated with what customers said about your products, and handle any negative reviews at once.

The basic plan starts at $19.00 and we have a discount code for you to receive a 20%-off for your first subscription: [BLOG20OFF].


Specializing in PPC optimization, Sellics features lots of tools, tutorials and features, including some free tools.  Pricing ranges from $49 per month to $69 per month.


Helium 10 truly is the real deal for Amazon sellers – accurate, easy to use and affordable, no serious seller should be without this incredible box of tricks.

As mentioned in the pros and cons, the free package is a little limited but it’s well worth investing in one of the paid packages.

Whichever tool you decide is right for you – happy selling!

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