Acquiring unpaid or reduced-price items from Amazon is possible. Yes, you heard me right. We know that Amazon doesn’t provide priceless goods or services.

Neither pays buyers to input positive reviews about them. Plus, Amazon prohibits paid client reviews by suppliers.

However, through other forums, Amazon sellers exchange rebates and unpaid items for genuine, honest, and straightforward reviews through forums like ExtremeRebate.

These portals attract many questions of legitimacy and Amazon approval. These sellers want reviews from their clients exchanging discounted gifts.

This review analyzes ExtremeRebate discussing all aspects, including the legitimacy, usage, seller benefits, must-know tricks before joining, and other portals similar to ExtremeRebate.

What is ExtremeRebate?

ExtremeRebate is a portal offering discounted products or unpaid vouchers from Amazon. ExtremeRebate contains more free items and rebates than other servers.

For your payment, they require you to leave a genuine descriptive review of the product. This portal serves 6 countries: the USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, French, and Japan.

You can find there are a few goods categories present in ExtremeRebate. Some include home improvement tools, individual protection, beauty, home and kitchen, sewing crafts &arts, automotive, videogames, electronics, pet supplies, office products, grocery, etcetera.

There’re more categories on the ExtremeRebate site. Therefore, visit the ExtremeRebate webpage to know all the voucher or rebate items.

The majority of products there range from ten to fifty dollars tops, and after rebates, it drops to five dollars.

How Does ExtremeRebate Work?

How Does ExtremeRebate Work

Sign up: freely create an ExtremeRebate account by vising Provide an Email and generate a password. Now, you’re ready for their offers.  

Rebates vs. vouchers: these two discounts contain different application processes. We’ll look at each process separately.

  • Voucher process: first, request the seller for the voucher code of your preferred item and await approval for forty-eight hours. After approval, check out the product in Amazon using the code provided, which reduces the price to the agreed amount of makes it completely free. Finally, wait for product delivery.
  • Rebate process: identify items you want and request the seller’s rebate code. Within forty-eight hours, they’ll approve your request. Proceed to the Amazon site and buy the item. Here, supplies the order identification to ExtremeRebate. Upon approving your order ID, suppliers fully refund you through PayPal after writing an excellent review.

Review: completing the process entails leaving descriptions genuinely and honestly because the sellers seek detailed reviews to rank among Amazon clients’ search outcomes. Leave reviews to different products you acquire through ExtremeRebate and then you will receive the payment back via PayPal.

Things You Should Know Before Joining ExtremeRebate


ExtremeRebate Product Limits

ExtremeRebate contains limits and tiers, which affect the number of goods to acquire. They assess the activity within the past month and rank you from ultimate to starter.

Every user group has limited access to products that increase with the ranked level.

Starters are limited to five product approvals.  Each level limits your approvals. After approval, ensure the previous one gets reviewed. Why? Because three reviews are termed as single reviews and reviews enhance chances of acquiring approvals.

Rebate on Your Needs

Before choosing any items at ExtremeRebate, assess your acquaintance with the product. Some products are attractive but not what you’re currently seeking.

Therefore, do thorough research to know the updated list in ExtremeRebate containing what you need to provide useful information in the review.

Requirements in ExtremeRebate 

To use ExtremeRebate, you need an account with the site. Also, the ability to maneuver through Amazon and enough patience, especially with supplier codes.

You also need to understand amazon terms that your account can be banned with access to these types of information because these portals are often against the terms of Amazon services. To receive your rebates, have a PayPal account.

Does ExtremeRebate Require Amazon Review?

Yes, it does. That affects sellers, not buyers because they are banned alone upon identifying and buying customer reviews since that’s against Amazon’s policy.

However, when you request freebies and still buy through Amazon means it affects you as well. So ExtremeRebate somewhat requires interaction with Amazon, but similar policies don’t govern both firms.

How to Get Your Cashback?

Remember the two processes we discussed? ExtremeRebate offers large discounts. Rebates require you first to acquire products from Amazon then provide an ExtremeRebate buyer ID for refunding.

Perform the process we analyzed above for discounts. You’ll get your cashback for Amazon orders through PayPal in a few days.

How Long to Get Reimbursed from The Site?

Once you buy and have submitted your request, you’ll wait forty- eight more hours, meaning you get reimbursed after two to four days.

In normal cases, you’re supposed to review your item once you receive it. However, in ExtremeRebate, you review it immediately so that your seller can approve a refund.

Is There Any Charge?

Yes, there are charges. The seller won’t cater transport service fees or the 2.9% PayPal charges if you’re from America.

From other nations, PayPal may charge a 4.9%-plus tax fee. Therefore, expect to cater for transport fees and PayPal charges.

Possibility of Not Getting Refunded

Ideally, ExtremeRebate makes a three-way win between buyers’ suppliers and themselves.

How? Through you offering a review, the supplier makes increased sales, while you acquire items without buying and ExtremeRebate gets service fees from suppliers.

Refunding relies upon suppliers: when they Don’t approve your code request or fail to write a review, you aren’t eligible for a refund.

Why Are There Freebies?

Sellers offer free items in order to get more sales, reviews, and exposure to build up their brand awareness outside Amazon.

Freebies vouchers discount your products to reduce your payment burden on Amazon. Therefore, as you begin with ExtremeRebate, it’s crucial to have patience with sellers.

Is ExtremeRebate Legit or Recommended?

Yes, ExtremeRebate is authentic. That’s because ExtremeRebate offers exactly the described services. ExtremeRebate offers free goods from Amazon plus refunds upon review by the client.

However, Amazon’s policies don’t support such activities, and in case Amazon realizes the seller has such trends, they’re subject to banned from amazon.

Though ExtremeRebate is legit, some people using it don’t give promising reviews as there is a risk that you don’t get your refund back if you cannot provide a good review.

However, several individuals seem to have enjoyed the services they received. Hence, ExtremeRebate is authentic.

Tricks and Hacks for ExtremeRebate Buyers 

A superuser experience depends on few tricks. First, the item categories you need and prefer. Consider yourself a consumer-first before a promoter.

Consider the product’s urgency without buying impulsively. Amazon suppliers and stores should concern themselves with addressing clients’ needs and not making many sales.

On ExtremeRebate, ensure you leave good reviews if you are happy with the purchase. It can help to optimize your profile and get more deal approvals from the sellers.

Be patient since it takes up to twenty-four hours before the patient approves a refund or discounted voucher. Focus on the difficulties you encountered with ExtremeRebate customer assistants.

ExtremeRebate helpful team provides any assistance you require and answer any hanging questions.  

ExtremeRebate Prons and Cons

The upside promises you a full refund upon the review. The seller makes more sales in Amazon: hence everyone wins.

You also get highly discounted products plus chances to optimize your money, especially when on budget.

The downside, however, is equally great because you still pay some fee to PayPal plus transit fee. In case Amazon identifies sellers using in-genuine means to attract sales, they’re banned.

Great reviews on bad products may result in honest customers’ trickery, and they end up spending money on scams.

ExtremeRebate Non-Ethical or Ethical

ExtremeRebate isn’t worth the hassle because it’s not recommended.  The seller’s risk of being banned forever from the retail site if Amazon find out that they are paying for reviews.

The setup is appealing from the buyer’s and Amazon’s low seller’s perspectives. However, regarding Amazon set regulations and policies, ExtremeRebate is unallowed.

Naturally, you’re supposed to acquire items and use them to give a genuine review. How honest is the bought review without the product? What’s ethical about that?

Before acquiring unpaid goods, chances are you didn’t need them. Therefore, spending unnecessarily since the goods come unpaid.

Beware that Amazon’s TOS strictly forbids Fake backdoor reviews appeals to make your services appealing. It would be better to just follow Amazon’s review guidelines.

ExtremeRebate For Amazon Sellers

Amazon sellers who aren’t making satisfactory sales opt for ExtremeRebate solutions to pay for reviews from prospective clients who technically don’t need or buy the product.

As a seller, subscribe to ExtremeRebate through the outlined process above to be a member.

You’ll accept the offers availed by ExtremeRebate through first approving vouchers and rebate codes from your potential clients. After approving the codes, provide instructions to your client’s reviewer on how you want the review to look.

After those interested parties write a good review, approve refunds through PayPal.

Sellers at ExtremeRebate don’t cater for transport costs or PayPal fees. If your reviewer rights a questionable review, Amazon algorithms will identify you and ban you.

Therefore, proceed with caution in this backside operation.

ExtremeRebate Subscription Fee

Sellers pay a subscription fee to ExtremeRebate, dependent on the product’s limits and order volumes. The reduced product price and the service fee sustain this website.

ExtremeRebate refunds you within three days after purchase if you find no use for the service. After three days, you can’t get a refund according to their policy.

It has two subscriptions that you can choose from:

  • $39.99/month – 60 orders
  • $59.99/month -220 orders

You can offer your products from the supported 6 Amazon US, CA, UK, DE, FR, and Japan.

Are Review Guaranteed?

Sellers are not always getting reviews from buyers or get negative reviews if buyers are not satisfied with the items.

When it comes to the refund deadline, the site will require sellers to refund buyers via PayPal, and then send out review requests later. Some of the customers may not be able to finish the review task in time.

ExtremeRebate Q&As


Why Do Amazon Sellers Offer 100% Rebates?

Promoting sales. Sellers dedicate efforts to provide rebates to clients to attract proper reviews that top-rate their items on Amazon. The momentum to begin their sales journey requires sacrifice, which every seller can provide.

Can Ordinary Buyers Rely on Amazon Reviews?

It’s painful when you buy a top-ranked product from amazon for relying heavily on consumer reviews on Amazon but find out that it is not so good.

So no, don’t rely only on amazon descriptions: conduct thorough research to avoid scandals and scams.

Google reviews on your intended good. Assess keenly to know legitimacy. Choose goods with a reputable brand name.

Other Than Rebate Sites, Does Amazon Offer Free Products?

No, Amazon doesn’t offer free items. Amazon retail website only offers merchandise for retail and not promotion.

The site’s TOS doesn’t allow free retailers to eliminate scammers, attract traffic plus promote authenticity.

However, through other websites, companies freely supply their merchandise for reviews which affects their Amazon rank.

Is ExtremeRebate Worth Risking

With nice reviews, your supply will rank on Amazon. It might have some technics to help you get more positive reviews. However, when identified, you lose the Amazon contract forever.

Therefore, it’s not worth risking. Improve your product quality and optimize it to rank through the ideal protocol.

Other Similar Websites to ExtremeRebate 


This site almost similar to ExtremeRebate. After you sign up and select the items and request store approval. And then you will need to buy items on Amazon, submit your order info to attain cashback.


Rebatekey offers a hundred percent exclusive discounts from retailers. Their process is much similar. You can acquire products and conveniently communicate with the sellers and their customer assistance team. It doesn’t require you to leave an Amazon review to receive the refund. But you will need to wait for 35 days to get the payments.


Its user interface differs from the rest, although with similar steps. Meet shop rebate where everything is completely free. You supply the review alone to possess items in shop rebate: no fee whatsoever, just product description.

With Rebaid, where your rebates arrive within three days. However, owning comes at minimal prices at


It allows slashed prices from all items from electronics to all item categories without discrimination. It not only offers deals from Amazon but also other deals like Walmart. You can claim 100+ promo codes a month to save money on all things you need.


ExtremeRebate offers legit non-ethical services which violate Amazon’s terms of service. With reduced returns, Amazon sellers opt for such sites to prevent loss and get ranking changes in Amazon.

Those sellers risk getting banned by amazon because of insincerity, deception, plus violation.  

In conclusion, provide accurate data through Amazon specified way. ExtremeRebate offers great services which through the backdoor, optimize your items. Clients, beware of untrue reviews while shopping.

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