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How To Drive Traffic To Your Amazon Business With Instagram?

As Amazon has grown to be one of the most competitive e-commerce sites, the complexities of being a seller have also increased.

The simple tricks of SEO are no longer giving the desired results; hence, sellers are shifting to a more popular marketing gimmick– social media marketing and advertising.

If you are wondering which marketing platform is adequate to drive sales, let’s start with Instagram. It has become a renowned platform in no time, and there has been no stopping since its birth.

To know how you can align it with your business, read on!

Things You Need To Do With Instagram

drive traffic with Instagram

Now let’s walk you through the entire process.

Profile optimization

When you are an Amazon seller, the first and foremost thing that you have to do is create brand awareness. How to do it?

Create a profile that shows what your business is up to. There is no room for confusion because then you can lose followers.

Write a proper bio and place links that will direct the visitors to the product page of Amazon.

Keep posting visually appealing pictures to retain your customers’ interest. Remember to be consistent and keep abreast with the latest news.

Create amazing Instagram stories

create instagram account

Do you know that Instagram stories are the most trending features? The stories are active for a day, but you can post as many as you want to.

In addition to this, you can add highlights to your account, especially those stories which hold importance to your brand.

What is the benefit? It increases brand awareness and user engagement. If you want to beat your competitors, you need to focus on creating compelling stories.

Moreover, these stories come with some fantastic features like, ask questions, polls, surveys, reviews, etc.

You can interact with your customers daily. Plus, provide your page’s link so that they can easily access your products and order them.

In short, stories are an ideal way to reach the audience and increase brand visibility.

Communicating is the key

With zero or no communication, you cannot expect your audiences to show interest in your products. As there are millions of relevant items available, you need to establish why your items/services are the best.

Most importantly, you need to maintain an excellent seller-user relationship. As you will be dealing with diverse human behavior, understanding their psychology, interests, and income can be highly beneficial.

So, how do you initiate interaction? By replying to their messages, asking for their suggestions and opinions, taking reviews, and more.

It will help your audience to build trust in your products, grow your followers and improve conversions.

Try influencer marketing


Influencer marketing has been in demand for the last couple of years. Sometimes, sellers do not get time to promote products organically; therefore, they opt for influencer marketing.

Instagram influencers have a lot of follower bases, and anything they post reaches a broader audience section. They help enhance brand visibility through posts, tags, hashtags, stories, and more, thus bringing more customers to the Amazon listing page.

Just like the way this model is doing:

Go for cross-promotion

Go for cross-promotion

Cross-promotion is significantly effective when done correctly. What you do in cross-promotion is engage with other brands and promote each other’s products.

When a brand mentions or tags your name on its page, your product automatically gets viewed by the brand’s followers, who will be tempted to visit your page.

It is a lengthy process and takes effort. However, the results are satisfying.

Make shoppable posts

Shoppable posts make it easy for visitors to enter your store and purchase the products.

How to make your post shoppable? You will find an Instagram shopping feature that allows you to tag products in stories and photos. It creates a direct purchase pathway and increases sales.

Never ignore hashtags

The sole purpose of hashtags is to make people search your content conveniently. With brief research, you can understand which hashtags align with your brand and work in your favor.

Before looking for the right hashtags, check what your competitors are regularly using.

Why Is Instagram An Apt Platform For Amazon Sellers?

Instagram is a great place to make your brands and products popular. The enormous number of users is a great catch for any Amazon seller.

Besides, it is a great place to promote products and boost sales. As it is a visually tempting platform, it offers several benefits like,

You can showcase your products in a diverse range of ways to capture audiences’ interest.

  • Use creative visuals for advertising your products.
  • Maximize visibility and increase brand awareness.
  • Allow consumers to shop from Amazon by giving them a direct link.
  • Stimulates customers’ minds and drives them to buy.

Let’s discover the reasons.

It has high engagement rates

It has high engagement rates

Instagram posts have higher engagement rates than Facebook and Twitter.

The probability of your products getting noticed is more than other social networking sites. Driving more awareness around products will boost sales and revenues.

Create brand-oriented content

On Instagram, you can decide the types of content you want to share. Additionally, you can get content from other people who are promoting your products and using relevant hashtags.

The more you spread the word about your brand, the more audiences you get looking for your products.

It builds trust

Instagram is a great place to build trust with your followers. Your posts are like social proof that your products exist.

People are more likely to trust your brand when they find you online, interacting with them. Trust can further lead to loyalty and repeated customers.

Final Words!

Amazon sellers can truly utilize Instagram and amplify brand awareness. They are customer-centric and look for ways to boost conversion.

In such cases, nothing can beat the functionality of Instagram- you get to enrich the brand’s social presence, reach the targeted audience, drive sales, and more.

Do not wait longer! Create your Instagram profile and engage more and more followers to your product pages.

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