For any Amazon customer, the top priority other than the products will always remain product reviews. Amazon reviews help both sellers and buyers.

For sellers, good reviews will help them rank better, while for the customers, reviews will help them buy the right product. But take a moment, and think about it once. What if you are reading fake reviews?

Fake reviews usually are the five-star reviews left by someone for the seller to promote the company or make the products sell fast.

Since nobody can be sure about the reviews, it is essential to have the best Amazon review checker, and this is what this article is going to talk about.

What is an Amazon Review Checker?

Since Amazon is the largest marketplace, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that there will be a few sellers who will try to sabotage the whole platform by earning fake reviews. Some companies promise to write fake reviews in return for some money.

This is a massive problem because fake reviews will never tell you the authenticity of an item. Someone who wants to buy something may go by the reviews and finally purchase an item, which is completely worthless.

In other words, you, as a customer, will lose money. According to a study, Amazon has the highest number of customers from all across the globe.

Any kind of review leaves behind a massive impact on the viewer’s mind. Some items can be genuine, but competitors may ask someone to leave behind poor ratings and reviews so that buyers don’t buy them.

Both positive and negative reviews can be fake. And to tackle that, there is an Amazon review checker.

With the help of an Amazon review checker, you will not have to go through the cumbersome task of trying to figure out whether a review is genuine or not.

The amazon review checker will do the job for you. It will spot the fake reviews and will let you know. Based on that, you can decide whether you should buy the product or not.

The good thing is that there are quite a few good amazon review checkers. As we keep moving forward with this blog, we will introduce the top amazon review checkers that you can try.

Readers must keep in mind that you can’t trust these amazon review checkers 100%, but they will still give you a good understanding of who is genuinely happy with an item and who isn’t.

How Does a Review Checker Work?

All of the amazon review checkers that you will find and see will work on a few fundamentals that will remain the same for each one of them.

Here are a few ways how amazon review checkers work.

An amazon review checker will let you know if the same person has left a bulk positive review with the same name.

The checker will also tell you if the individual leaves behind the same 5-star rating all the time.

The checker will also identify the number of bulk reviews that have been updated in a short time.

The checkers will tell you if the bulk reviews use similar wordings and texts to talk about a product.

Determining whether the bulk reviewer has a review history and a ranking.

The checker will look for other details, such as whether the reviews give enough details for the product. Whether the reviews are too scanty.

Determining if the reviews spuriously talk about a project. The checker will also determine if the reviews make any sense at all.

The tool will also tell you whether the reviews have been written to intentionally target a product to defame it?

These are just some of the fundamentals used by amazon review checkers. These checkers work fast and will help you identify fake reviews quickly.

Here is an example of how the review checked rates a listing from Amazon:

Amazon review checker
Amazon review checker overview

As we can see, according to the item’s suspiciously historical behaviors, the engine only gives a grade of F, which means it has a lot of unreliable reviews.

How Fake Reviews Affect Buyers and Sellers?

amazon review checker

Fake reviews can be hazardous for the reputation of a company and simultaneously for customers.

If a seller has uploaded tons of positive fake reviews, it will make him one of the top sellers, but the negative impact on the customers will be massive.

Since a customer always looks for reviews before buying something, the customer will blindly follow those fake reviews and purchase the item only to find later that the product is of cheap quality.

This means that customers will end up losing a lot of money, just like that one single customer may buy multiple products from the seller who has heaps and piles of fake positive reviews.

Now think about the money that you will spend on all the items that you have purchased.

Just like that, when one particular company’s products are given negative fake reviews, despite being genuine and selling authentic products, the same company will lose many customers.

Negative reviews never leave a good impression on the buyers’ minds. Negative reviews will have a significant impact on the business as well.

Your products won’t get sold out quickly, which means revenue loss.

This is why both buyers and sellers use fake review checkers to keep track of the reviews.

Sellers can use a review checker to identify the issues about why their sales are decreasing and highlight it to Amazon.

Simultaneously, buyers can use review checkers to be sure about reviews before buying anything.

Even if a seller has tons of negative reviews, the checker will help the customer know whether they are fake or not, and thus, feel confident about buying a product.

Sometimes, there might be malicious competitions on Amazon. For a seller, when you find out about some unusual negative reviews, you must highlight them to Amazon so that those reviews can be taken down.

And for customers, you can always approach the seller and let them know what is happening.

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Top Review Checkers You Should Know

Now, the market is overloaded with a plethora of Amazon review checkers, and just like fake reviews do you no good, inferior checkers are not good either.

Although these review checkers may not look important to many, it makes all the difference for some.

The differences can be choosing the right seller, buying the right product, not losing money, and more.

There are a few fantastic review checkers that won’t cost you anything. In other words, they are free of cost.

At the same time, others will come with a price and mainly offer you a free trial. Please keep in mind that different review checkers will work differently.

Some will have set parameters, which means they will work automatically as per the already fed instructions. Once the tool reviews all the comments, the tool will send the report to the person.

We have reviewed many Amazon review checkers and have picked the top three for you, which we think are the best in the market.

These review checkers won’t burn your pocket, and yes, they are effortless to operate.

Without further ado, let’s figure out what these review checkers are:


Fakespot is one of the best Amazon review checkers that you can go for. This analytical tool can sort, analyze, and detect counterfeit and fake reviews of any product review.

You can use Fakespot to only spot fake reviews that there are there on Amazon but on multiple e-commerce websites.

The tool will show you the list of users who are leaving behind fake reviews. You will also get to know genuine and honest reviews as well.

And by reading them, you will then be able to make an informed decision. The best part about it has a Fakespot Chrome Extension, which means you can start using it instantly to spot fake ratings while shopping.

Review Monitoring

Another fake review spotter that you can try is Product Review Monitoring. The reason customers trust this review checker is that along with determining the fake reviews, it will give you the reviewer’s IP address.

This way, sellers will be able to take action against them for ruining the company’s image without any reason.

People come here to leave their reviews on the list of products that they see on the page. Reviews will be verified, and if Product Review Monitoring finds reviews to be fake, their account will be blocked, and they will be asked to delete their fake reviews.


Here is the third-best review checker for Amazon. This tool works seamlessly. Just copy the URL of the Amazon product, and paste it here.

The platform will analyze all the reviews and will scatter the fake ones from the honest ones.

ReviewMeta is very easy to use, and you can visit the website today with the product URL to see which comments are valid and which ones aren’t.

If you see “Pass” in front of a review, it means they are trusted and authentic. If it shows “Warn,” it means as per the system, it is fake.

It has an App version and Chrome Extension for easy use.

The Review Index

Just like Product Review Monitoring and Fakespot, The Review Index works in the same way. You need to copy the product link by visiting Amazon and paste it here at The Review Index.

Allow the tool to analyze it, and fake reviews will be scrutinized for you.

The Review Index will share a concise summary of all the reviews and share a proper detail of which reviews look genuine and don’t.

Try its ReviewIndex Chrome Extension for instant use.


AMZFinder match review with orders

For sellers, one of the most important factors that affect your sales is product reviews.

AMZFinder helps you to keep track of negative feedback and take the best action to optimize your product. Furthermore, you can use such feedback to enhance your customer service and product quality.

It is important to examine Amazon reviews and look for people who gave you 3 or fewer stars.

You can use the tool’s filters to find negative and untruthful reviews for your convenience.

Thus, improve your product’s ranking, keep track of negative feedback, warnings, and historical data.


By now, you must have understood the importance of genuine reviews. Since reviews are useful for both customers and buyers, it makes sense to have at least one Amazon review checker.

Leaving fake reviews is not just unethical, but it can jeopardize someone’s reputation direly; simultaneously, it can affect the buyer’s intention as well. This is why you should get an Amazon review checker today.

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