Amazon Rebate sitrs for buyers and sellers

Top 13 Amazon Rebate Sites That Work For Buyers and Sellers

Shopping is therapeutic, and when purchasing things can bring monetary benefits, it is a win-win situation. You get the product and also the cashback on it.

However, it is not only the buyer who can avail of it, sellers also earn their share of benefits. Paying customers any rebate is like investing in a sales boost.

In this blog, let’s take a closer look at the concept of rebates in the platform of Amazon and how sellers and buyers can take advantage of it.

What Is An Amazon Rebate?

What does the term Amazon rebate mean? To have a clear picture of it, let’s first break the term.

Rebate refers to a discount or cash returned to the buyer after paying for the product they purchase. In simple terms, it is the offer of cashback, and just like every other marketing attempt, its purpose is to attract potential customers to shop.

Now, let’s talk about why sellers perform that. The aim behind it is to attract customers and boost sales. However, selling products is not the only job to focus on.

A seller needs to ensure that his customers are satisfied, which can get him positive reviews. A seller has to reach the top of the Amazon listing, and for this, he has to make sure that his customers are satisfied.

How Does Amazon Rebate Work?

The rebate marketing begins when the manufacturer or seller posts the rebate offer to all potential buyers.

Usually, these offers come with an expiration date, which can last days or months.

Buyers browse deals on the rebate site, follow their instructions to finish a purchase on Amazon, fill and send the order info, along with other details demanded on the site, and then get the rebates after approval.

Sometimes, there are some tasks buyers need to finish before getting the rebates, including leaving a good review or feedback, share the opinion on social media, or shoot an unboxing video for the products.

Why There Are Amazon Rebate Offers?

Happy customers make sellers happy, and an amazon rebate is one of the best ways to explain it.

Just as in every marketing effort, the seller needs to get closer to every touched and untouched market.

However, when one spares a good amount of money for his customers, what kind of profit expectations exist? Why does a business share a margin of its profit with the customers?

As said earlier, every business needs to get closer to its sellers. In Amazon or other shopping platforms, the rebate is an eye-catching attempt to speak about the product.

When sellers share a section of their earnings through pay-backs, they attract their customers to avail of it.

However, they also initiate good terms with them. Eventually, a happy customer and his feedback are what the seller gains.

Also, these strategies can pave the way for sellers to reach the top of Amazon search results when any of the potential customers search for that product.

It can also be a step to get the market share by retailers. Moreover, it is a cost-effective marketing strategy.

The entire concept is called rebate marketing, which is widely used to allure customers, especially price-sensitive ones, to pay. All in all, this is a method to expand the profits.

For buyers, a good experience says all about their gains.  

13 Amazon Rebate Platforms Review

As said earlier, rebate marketing is a cost-effective marketing technique that helps sellers get a step closer to their buyers.

So, if you are a seller looking for processes to promote your products, you are at the right place:


cashbackbase amazon rebate site

Introduced in 2018, Cashbackbase is a recognized discount site for sellers in Amazon. For sellers, their task is to publish the product offer without any cost to the site.

The site charges no commission for any order the seller generates, but it will charge a subscription fee every month on the site.  

This site is beneficial for sellers more than it is for buyers. Talking of the perks, many deals at one place, cashback on purchase, and a free platform to use are all that the buyers can get.

It is also a win-win platform as you will have to get free items and cashback and sometimes other bonuses. All in all, it is an overall package of good deals that most of its users have recommended.

However, this site only supports the marketplaces of Italy, the UK, and the US.

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RebateKey is a platform that provides a direct way to manufacturer’s rebates for leading products and brands.

All in all, one needs to purchase a product, and he will get the rebate after a waiting period of 35-days.

Coming to the authenticity of the site, the reviews of the users speak all about it. The site has a plethora of positive reviews, which pictures the site to be authentic. Drawing the bottom line, Rebate Key is a legit platform.

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Home Tester Club

Home Tester Club is a platform that gives control to sellers. With it, the seller shares a product offer that appears on the selling site, which is amazon in this case.

When a buyer clicks on Reveal, it will share a message to contact the customer and share the general instructions, including steps to purchase and terms and conditions.



As the name specifies, Shoprebate is a shopping application that provides cashback of up to 100% on every Amazon order placed. In order to get a rebate, you will need to test the product and leave a review on Amazon.

It is an alternative for saving. If you go ahead and use this rebate site, you can get the cashback as fast as during working days.

But notice that the PayPal transaction fee is not included in the cashback amount.


As the name suggests, ExtremeRebate aims to get its users an extreme fraction of the discount on the orders. This rebate portal can present a cashback and a 100% discount on great deals.

If you go ahead with this platform, you can get an Amazon promo code, huge deals, and cash rewards on your purchase from amazon. However, as a return, sellers expect a positive review.

In some cases, buyers also pay an additional bonus for a 5-star review comprising 60 or more words. This rebate site is only available in the UK, the USA, France, Germany, and Canada.

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Tahoevine can present you testing for free Amazon products. It offers deals on more than a thousand products from reliable sellers on Amazon.

Not just this, but as a user, you can also get exchanges for a 100% cashback rebate for original Amazon reviews, which can help sellers enhance their products.

This site doesn’t charge its members and all you need is to sign up, give your review on products, and get cash out free of charge.

Apart from a 100% guarantee on rebate, other reasons for this site are that it is safe, legit, and offers international CS and more than 200 high-value products.


Savesoo is a booming platform for Amazon deals, which is constantly growing in different aspects. The site follows strict product control, which can allow customers with high-quality products.

 This platform acts as a mediator between thousands of brands and customers on the shopping platform – Amazon.

On this site, buyers can save more while shopping on Amazon and sellers can get more product reviews. And it has some good feedback online which gives you more reasons to connect to rely on this site.


As the term gives a hint about what it does, is an intermediary between shoppers and brand owners looking forward to getting deals on new products.

It offers its users uninterrupted savings on promotional offers along with efficient and fast processing of rebate payments.

The site has gained a high rating from Trustpilot and also the feedback from its users on blogs, social media, and video sharing sites.

The platform offers more than a thousand promotions, 150,000 active shoppers, over $5000,000 paid rebates. If you reach this site, you will get flooded with the feedback of its clients speaking out loud about their experiences with the site.


On reaching this site, you will find the tagline- Snag Deals and Save Money! This is why you look for a rebate platform but what is new about Snagshout?

Snagshout works between influencers and early adopters and different reputed brands focusing on their customers beyond anything. By now, the site has built the way between a thousand brands and hundreds of thousands of buyers.

This platform has appeared on different reputed platforms, including CNN Money, US News, and The Chicago Tribune.  

Over the years, the site has helped its customers save a big buck, and new brands thrive. Presently, it emphasizes Amazon but it is planning to bring changes and innovations for everyone.

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UberZon Club

UberZon Club

Discount and rebate are what brings users to these sites. Considering the name only, UberZon is a buyer’s club.

It attracts its members with highly discounted products of the latest, established, and popular products from the Amazon site.

This site presents two basic options for deals, including rebates and coupons. You can get rebates after purchase, while coupons come into action during checkout.

UberZon works with the leading sellers from Amazon, including both new and ones who have just begun.

The sellers are given the chance of viral marketing that makes their products do well and offer an increased list of products to sell to its users.


Rebate marketing offers a win-win situation to both buyers and sellers. So, what does have to offer?

It extends an off starting from 25%, which can even go to 50% and 100% on all kinds of purchases. Their purpose is to bring mutual benefit to buyers and sellers.

Where sellers can have customers test products and offer remarkable feedback online, shoppers get heavy rebates on their shopping.

The platform has gained its trust from thousands of its users who have shared words about them having an enhanced experience. It has attained 4.8 out of 5 on Trustpilot.

Review4life focuses on bringing buyers and sellers together who can provide legit products for testing. It extends large inventory with regular updates and comes with zero risk- shopping on Amazon directly.

As this platform is a medium to connect buyers and sellers, you can trust it with recognized sellers and buyers.

Talking about the refunds, it offers Paypal refunds in just five working days. Also, you will not have to pay any platform fee.


This product trial site can be your way for more than a hundred rebates during online shopping.

Its purpose is to be the way for genuine products and the testing of possible development of products and offer the legit trial report for its users. offers a cashback of up to 100% free of any charges from the point of joining, using, and cash-out. It doesn’t have any pay-out thresholds and no limitation for cashout in a year.

The site aims to be consistent in providing online coupons, cashback, and discounts to its clients to boost their shopping experience.

What Do Buyers Need To Take Notice Of?

What Do Buyers Need To Take Notice Of

Rebate platforms are used by sellers and buyers equally. However, when a buyer signs into any of those, he needs to take care of certain things.

Take a small step first

Being a buyer, these are not the only precautions you need to consider. Even though rebate marketing presents great benefits to a shopper, there are several snags as well.

Before you go for crazy shopping on the rebate sites, take it slow and run a test first.

Only buy one order at once and see how do the processes work.

Don’t buy a lot of items before knowing your first testing runs well or not. Make sure you know that there is a guarantee to get your cashback or you may waste your money and time.

Follow the rules and terms

If you find a deal and try to get the rebate, ensure that you have met the terms and conditions of the platform and dealer. Otherwise, you may lose your chance of a rebate.

Also, filing for rebates takes time and effort from the customer,  a buyer has to face is no refund on the amount paid on sales tax.

However, this does not make the percentage of benefits a buyer can gain any less. Instead, as a buyer, you can build your boundaries of safety by considering certain things.

Find out if a website is legit

Be clear with what exactly a rebate site can offer. Do not get carried away just by hearing a 100% rebate.

Before you go ahead,  take your time and go through the feedback and reviews of the seller along with the rebate site. Another thing, keep you Amazon account safe during any engagement situation.  

Even when it is not about surfing rebate sites and other sites, as a user, you need to be aware of the tactics of discovering if the site is legit or not.

There are several signs you can put into use while defining the legitimacy of the site. It can include the domain’s age, the quality of the grammar of the content, virus scan, and privacy policy of the website.

You have to make sure that it is secured, and the site owner uses secured encryption for data transfer and to safeguard from hackers.

After this, reach the contact page and seek multiple contact options. You also need to check the social media presence of the company and their reviews and feedback.


Shopping has always been a fun activity for buyers and profitable for sellers. When sellers adopt the tactic of rebate marketing, it gives more reasons for buyers to shop.

At the same time, Amazon shopping, with the rebate feature, has given more reasons for shoppers to continue shopping and sellers to earn good profits without breaking a sweat.

To simplify the process, many platforms are introduced. However, being a buyer, you need to make sure that you make the best out of the deal while using them.

The bottom line is, the world of the web is filled with scammers and great deals. What you can get depends directly and indirectly on the choices you make. Choose wise, get wise!

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