Should Sellers Join Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging Program?

How many times did you order a product just to find out that it might take ages to open the packaging? Kind of frustrating, right?

Now, think about the way how many times you need to wrap your item and pack it well?

If the answer is anything more than a few seconds, you might want to consider the Amazon frustration-free packaging.

Designed to reduce the package-opening hassle and environmentally friendly, it’s praised by the customers, and it could help you grow your business.

In this article, we’re going to tell you why your clients may hate your standard packaging, why you need the frustration-free packaging program, and how to get it.

What Is Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging (FFP)?

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Amazon’s frustration-free packaging is packaging made from 100 percent recyclable materials. It was introduced in 2008 as a response to the overly-complicated and full of plastic packaging most brands are using.

It is designed to be lightweight, easy to open, and most importantly, to allow manufacturers to ship their product in the original packaging without the need for an additional shipping box.

From 2008 to the current day, the FFP has grown to include a wealth of products while eliminating over 215,000 tons of environmentally-offending packaging material.

Like most things implement by Amazon, this type of packaging is fully geared towards the customer.

It’s easy to open and even easier to liberate the products from their enclosures, while also reducing cardboard and plastic waste.

All Frustration-Free program eligible products are certified by Amazon; to do this, the marketplace works in close relation with manufacturers around the world, helping them innovate the packaging design, improve functionality, and reduce waste throughout the supply chain.

Obviously, opting for frustration-free packaging instead of a regular one comes with some great advantages.

Read on to find out which they are and what are the steps to join the program.

Frustration Free Packaging vs.Standard Packaging

To understand the benefits of frustration-free packaging vs. standard packaging, you must first learn what is the difference between them.

  • Package volume: The first thing your customers will see when getting a frustration-free package is the volume of the parcel. Because FFP doesn’t contain useless components, it’s much smaller and lighter than the standard packaging. Due to the smaller size, the shipping costs are also cheaper, so clients are more incentive to pick this type of box.
  • Package components: Regardless of the size of the package, the main thing your clients will appreciate is easy access. They won’t have to struggle to open box after box. There are no unnecessary package components that will get tossed in the trash the moment the item was removed from its box. Indeed, while standard packaging may have up to 24 components, its FFP counterpart usually has 4.
  • Package costs: Thanks to its lower volume, fewer components, and lower cost materials, the frustration-free packaging is also more cost-effective. A better choice for both your business and your customers.

Besides these differences, you must also know that the frustration-free packaging is environmentally friendly, whereas most standard packages contain high amounts of unnecessary plastic.

Now that you know what are the differences between the two types of packaging, you might wonder what are the FFP’s benefits. Let’s have a deeper look into the matter.

Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging Benefits

 1. Gives you a competitive position

Amazon is a company that cares about its customers and the planet. It’s in their interest to promote the frustration-free packaging policy.

Therefore they give support to sellers who decide to join the program.

Needless to say that Amazon makes it clear on the listing page when an item is shipped in the innovative, easy-to-open package.

This draws your potential customers’ interest, and it can ultimately help you boost your sales.

2. Prevent your listings from hijacking.

Amazon is a competitive marketplace, and it may often happen to have your listing hijacked.

But if you’re eligible to join the frustration-free packaging program, the option acts as double protection for your listing.

Amazon will protect your listing and prevent unauthorized sellers who don’t have an FFP approval from stealing your work.

Through FFP, therefore, Amazon helps you safeguard your Buy Box and your sales.

3. Gives more options to buyers

Just because you’re FFP eligible, it doesn’t mean that Amazon will automatically ship your products in this type of recycled box.

As such, your buyers will have more options to choose from.

They can decide if they still want standard packaging – for instance, if the item is a gift – or if they want the hassle-free variant.

On the other hand, trends indicate that more and more buyers tend to choose the frustration-free packaging if given the possibility, due to the effortless opening and the reduction of the packaging waste.

With this in mind, switching to this type of packaging is a must.

4. Reduces shipping accidents

The frustration-free packaging is lighter and less cumbersome, two features that make it easier to handle.

Easier to handle means fewer possibilities of accidents during shipping, which is a great thing.

Furthermore, the package also holds the item securely, preventing any damage during transit.

This ultimately means fewer risks of getting complaints or negative feedback due to poor shipping and handling.

5. Save time and money on packing

Because Amazon takes care of packing, handling, and shipping your items ordered in frustration-free packaging, you can save time and money on packing your items.

Considering that the product will travel safer than in a standard box, this is an important added advantage.

6. Good for the environment

Last but not least, frustration-free packaging is good for the environment. These boxes are made from 100% recycled materials and contain few plastic components, so they have a minimal environmental footprint.

Due to the absence of an additional shipping box, you can also contribute to reducing waste even more.


How to Join the Frustration-Free Packaging Program?

The frustration-free packaging comes with a wealth of benefits; perhaps at this stage, you’re wondering how to join.

If you’d like to become part of this program, follow the quick guideline below.

  • Your items must be brand new

FFP is only available for sellers selling brand new items. Second-hand or refurbished items are not eligible for this program.

  • You must ship through FBA

Amazon takes care of packaging, handling, and shipping your items in frustration-free packaging, that’s why this program is only eligible for FBA sellers. If you want to fulfill the orders yourself but still benefit from FFP for some items, you’ll have to have those items fulfilled by Amazon.

  • You as a seller must be brand registered

Only those sellers who are part of the brand registry and only those products that have already been registered under your brand are eligible for FFP. This is Amazon’s way of helping you safeguard your Buy Box.

  • You must use a unique identifier on items

If you’re selling on Amazon, you should know by now that all your items need a unique UPC code. Make sure yours is properly registered and that it is unique to your product. Otherwise, Amazon might reject your application.

Using recycled UPC codes that are not registered for your items could also result in legal issues.

  • Item size needs to meet the requirements

Item size is bigger than 18 x 14 x 8 or weight 20 pounds. Amazon has a specific size and weight requirement. If your item doesn’t fit the bill, it’s not eligible for FFP.

  • The product must be active and in stock

That’s right. You can only apply for FFP with products you already sell. Make sure all the products are fulfilled by Amazon and that they are already in stock.

  • Items need to complete the Amazon ISTA6 SIOC test

Another requirement is that your items must pass Amazon’s ISTA6 SIOC test. This test challenges the package and product for their capability to withstand transport hazards through the simulation of said hazards in a controlled environment.

  • Provide detailed pictures of your item

Amazon will check these pictures to ensure that your item complies with their general guidelines. Once the checking is complete, you’ll be able to submit the test result to Amazon for certification.

That’s it! All you have to do now is wait for Amazon to process your application.

Final Thoughts: Down to You

Whether you decide to join the Amazon frustration-free package program or not is down to you.

Developed for both customers and sellers, it’s undoubtedly a great tool you can use to build a reputation, gain customer admiration for using environmentally friendly packaging, and cut down some costs.

Sure, not all products are eligible. You’ll also have to comply with all the requirements above.

Nevertheless, giving it a try is truly worthwhile. FFP is an excellent option for both you and your clients.

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