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Best 20 Amazon FBA Courses That Available to Sellers

Amazon without a doubt is the world’s biggest e-commerce store and Amazon FBA one of the most prevalent ways to earn money online.

With over 2 million people selling on Amazon the platform offers unparalleled service and a customer base of over 300 million ready to purchase your next creative idea.

For wannabe and career sellers or virtually anyone interested in making it big into the e-commerce industry and have their share of the pie, search around for best Amazon FBA courses to understand how the top sellers are using the FBA to benefit their businesses.

What to Consider When Choosing FBA Courses?

how to choose Amazon FBA courses

Amazon FBA reportedly gives sellers a 30-50 percent increase in sales.

The Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) comes down to be a service where you sell the product while Amazon ships it for you.

There are myriad FBA courses available online with many claiming to be the best courses for sellers to learn the art of marketing and e-commerce. But how can you filter the best ones from the duds?

To find out we’ll consider a few important aspects here.

Price of FBA Course

The amount you’re willing to spend on an Amazon FBA course matters. Online courses are offered in diverse price ranges and gaining Amazon knowledge doesn’t have to break your bank account.

You can find premium price tags to even free of cost courses on the internet.

It’s up to you to find a suitable class within your budget and see if the price tag is fitting the skills taught in the course.

Instructor Reputation and Knowledge

The teacher is an important aspect to consider, who is teaching, and what qualifies the individual to be a teacher in the subject?

Does the instructor have the requisite knowledge and experience with Amazon FBA to successfully implement what he/she is teaching, this makes them qualify for your time and money.

For our purpose lookout for instructors who have a proven and successful business in the field with marketing and e-commerce background.

Skills Taught

Lastly, go through the course syllabus to gauge the topics and material covered in the course.

Most online courses have a catalog and lecture topics included on the introduction page to give you a good understanding of what skillset the course is offering.

I’ve rated the courses based on the quality and presence of mindset training, product selection basics, business set up training, product sourcing training, community, and overall course relevance to today’s Amazon.

10 Best Paid Amazon FBA Courses

As we’ve gone through the basics of finding the right and the best Amazon FBA course for you to master e-commerce skills and earn big.

Let us dive right into the 10 best paid FBA courses worth your money and time.

1. Sophie Howard Blue Sky Amazon course

Sophie Howard Blue Sky Amazon course

Sophie Howard has hands-on Amazon experience and has created multiple 7 figure businesses making her course one of the best Amazon FBA training course worth its salt.

The course is so comprehensive and focused that it makes to the top of Amazon FBA courses out there. Sophie aka The Amazon Selling Queen has combined two courses in the Blue-Sky Amazon Seller Academy has 14 modules covering the FBA e-commerce process and helping sellers create long-selling products.

Using the sales funnels and online services like Feedback Genius to scope in an interested audience

Finding a distinct product that is hard to copy and pushing your product into the market with the help of tools like Facebook and also the skills needed for scaling your products and team.

The course will cost you $3,500 if you pay once or you can go with four monthly payments of $995 which is not a small cost at all.

2. The Amazing Selling Machine

Amazing Selling Machine is another comprehensive and popular Amazon FBA course developed by the industry’s leading experts and presented by Rich Henderson and Mike McClary.

Unlike many other courses, ASM regularly updates its course content to reflect changes occurring on the platform.

In the course you’ll learn how to select a low competition product, connect with suppliers, scaling your brand with multiple products, driving high traffic on to your Amazon store with the help of social media and Amazon advertising.

The course will cost you $5,000 bucks but considering the amount of knowledge and practical guidance provided in the course the price can be compensated easily with a successful Amazon business.

3. Private Label Masters – Tim Sanders

Private Label Masters – Tim Sanders

The Private Label Masters course from Tim offers a foundation needed for starting and scaling your Amazon FBA business in 2020.

The 8-module course teaches the strategies to work with proper work ethics and enough knowledge for you to establish and scale your business on Amazon.

Through this course, you can learn the skills to efficiently select the products that sell consistently, the techniques and practices for discovering quality manufacturers, understand pay-per-click campaigns to improve sales and organic ranking, boost profits by reducing the money wasted on ads.

On Reddit, many members praise Tim for his active role on social media platforms for his followers while others praise him as trustworthy and real Amazon business guru being an active seller himself, unlike many fake gurus.

The teacher is legit and has a successful FBA business himself, making him eligible to teach this course. The course costs $5,000, though if you buy the course on call, you’ll be offered a $1,500 discount.

4. Kevin David Amazon FBA Ninja

The Amazon FBA Ninja course by Kevin David is an 8-module exhaustive course with 3 bonus modules.

Covering every aspect from how to create, to growing a successful business on Amazon using the FBA model. The course entails a data-driven approach and strategy to get you ahead of your competition.

Walkthrough of all the Amazon PPC and AMS techniques, hack competitor’s backend keywords, free lifetime updates from Kevin David on Amazon hacks and latest methods to get you ahead of your competitors.

Key understanding of how Amazon’s ranking algorithm works and how to use the knowledge to benefit your products.

Other topics covered in the course are business licenses, finding suppliers, product selection, PPC ads, and scaling your brand.

For this knowledge-based Amazon Ninja Masterclass, you’ll have to cough up $997. One member of Kevin FBA Ninja course on Reddit spoke high of the course stating that the KD helped him with his Amazon venture.

While another mentioned that he was bombarded with spam offers on the course’s Facebook page.

5. Proven Amazon course 2.0

Proven Amazon Course (PAC) offers an essential guideline on creating a firm footing into the Amazon world.

This course teaches you how to tap into the massive retail market Amazon has to offer with 10x success stories with 22 different courses in the program.

The vast number of sub-courses is designed to teach every kind of seller to make more profit.

The courses are organized in different categories including:

The course does an excellent job of explaining all the steps and skills needed to run a successful Amazon based business for new as well as experienced sellers.

It helps you in creating your account, understanding the wholesale cycle, and what options are available as a reseller on Amazon. The 12-month course is available at a one-time fee of $499 or $29 per month.

6. Online Selling Experiment

For starters, Ryan Grant has come up with a detailed course named “how to make $1,000+ per month selling on Amazon. The course emphasizes on starting small and slowly progress to a 7-figure game.

The course offers a foundation-level knowledge and training to scale sustainably.

The course is divided into 8 sections covering the basics like setting up an Amazon seller account, finding profitable sources, pricing strategy for the products, the optimal method for sending products to Amazon FBA warehouses, and other buying guidelines.

Ryan releases all the content at once and lets you binge on it as per your liking. The course has a 30-day money-back guarantee if you want to change directions.

The course costs $199 for The Basics module and $299 for the Pro Plan.

7. Online Retail Mastery

Online Retail Mastery

Online Retail Mastery from Beau Crabill will teach you how to make a profit by selling name brand products opposite of private-label branding.

As big brands are easier to sell with market holdings and working with authorized suppliers can be your lifeline.

The course has 16 modules plus a bonus section teaching you how to set up a business, finding good suppliers, listing products, how to efficiently send your product to Amazon FBA, focuses on becoming an authorized re-seller, effectively utilizing Amazon Seller Central, and efficient sourcing.

The video lectures also guide on building long-term business relationships, tracking sales and accounting profits, and getting unrestricted in Amazon categories.

The course has a one-time fee of $2,497 with lifetime access and updates.

8. Step-By-Step Guide to Picking Your First Amazon FBA Product

One of the only courses endorsed by Alibaba, this Amazon FBA course identifies the roadblocks stopping you from the success and then revolves around those hotspots to communicate a working solution.

The number one thing hindering your success is a lack of knowledge and to solve it the course is designed based on action and not just teaching you a lot of stuff.

The second hurdle is fear of failure and most people fail on Amazon FBA due to wrong product selection, that’ why the entire course is focused on the exact subject of product selection.

The third barrier is how to find the right product to sell? The course walks you through every step of finding the best profitable product with resources in the course to help you in the process.

The course has over 500 reviews and maintains a high rating. One reviewer wrote “fantastic! As a beginner, I am learning so much. It is great because everything is practical.

The current sale price of the course is only $9.99 while the regular price is $49.99.

9. Freedom Ticket by Helium 10

Freedom Ticket is a technical hands-on training on how to sell on Amazon. The program is designed to be as candid and straightforward as possible in presenting all the realities of running an Amazon FBA business.

Helium 10 is a software toolset designed to facilitate Amazon sellers to stand out in the massive market.

You’ll get an 8 weeks training course with 60 plus videos with real-world data and walkthroughs to give you an in-depth understanding of Amazon strategies.

For every module, there are review slides and notes available to guide you through each process. Handouts on securing professional sourcing, accounting methodologies, and general mistakes to avoid during the selling.

This complete e-commerce education is an exhaustive course, tested, and proven to work with a private label strategy.

The course costs $997 originally but if you already are a Helium 10 Platinum, Diamond, or Elite member the course will be offered free of cost for you.

See also: Helium 10 Review: Is It the Best All-in-one Tool for Amazon Sellers?

10. Marketplace Superheroes 2.0 (MPSH)

Marketplace Superheroes

Marketplace Superheroes has been around for a few years offered by Stephen Somers and Robert Rickey.

The course is up to date on all the Amazon FBA techniques to get you started on a 5-7-figure Amazon FBA business.

The official course website quotes millions in revenue by the community learning from the training modules.

The core system is a two-phase 12 module course is designed to teach every skill step-by-step from identifying simple, low-competition products and sell them on a high-profit margin.

The MPSH software helps in filtering out product selection with the opportunity to sell the best product on Amazon.

Robert teaches a very systemized approach of researching products on Amazon to be sold, make a brand, import, and logistics for a newly designed brand with low competition. Generating high-profit products on Amazon with high-quality video and downloadable guides.

Marketplace Superheroes boasts an active community of over 4,000 members on Facebook. The training overall will cost you $997 or on a $97 monthly fee for 12-month.

10 Free Amazon FBA Courses

Free Amazon FBA courses might not offer the depth and breadth of knowledge into the FBA world but might suit someone trying to learn basics about the Amazon platform and then gradually increase his/her understanding of how businesses are run on Amazon FBA.

The top 10 free Amazon FBA courses are:

1. Ryan Hogue – Passive income

Ryan Hogue is an online businessman with aims to retire young and teach people how to make a ton of money on Amazon FBA.

Though on Ryan’s website you’ll be charged $265 for the Amazon FBA course you can still learn from his YouTube channel the very techniques and strategies he uses to earn 7-figures on Amazon.

The YouTube channel has a lot of videos on Amazon FBA and earning passive income from Amazon.

The video lectures contain intro to Amazon FBA, searching and validating potential products, finding a good supplier, and advertising products on Amazon.

2. Amazon FBA Course – Ultimate Amazon FBA Blueprint

Pete Coulis is an e-commerce and Amazon FBA specialist with many years of experience in the Amazon business.

The course is over 10 hours of on-demand video and covers the most actionable content.

The training course is split into 15 sections with 65 video lectures during which you’ll have all-inclusive guidance to launch your first FBA business profitably and not lose the money on hand.

Pete explains how the Amazon A9 ranking algorithm works, where to start, and how to make 5 figures per month.

Calculate all the costs associated with running an Amazon business, an advanced product selection formula, understanding the Chinese market and suppliers, profit-maximizing tactics, and managing cashflow.

In the course, you’ll also get Pete’s supplier email templates, post-purchase emails to get a 5-star review, keyword research technique and optimizing listings, and many more professional skills to give you the strong possibility of earning $5k per month in profit.

3. How to Sell on Amazon – Amazon FBA Basics for Beginners

This free course on how to sell on Amazon using Amazon FBA is created by Damir Serbecic. The course content is pretty comprehensive and covers a wide range of topics.

The 2 hours course is divided into 4 sections with 19 lectures in all the modules. Damir has several paid courses on Udemy and with quite good ratings. You will be able to learn to:

  • register and set up your Seller Central account on Amazon even if you’re living outside the U.S.
  • how to get paid, get back your suspended Amazon account
  • where and how to source products
  • listing and selling strategies optimized for beginners
  • labeling techniques for FBA and utilizing the Amazon messaging system

As the course states, this free course is an introduction for beginners trying to understand how Amazon FBA selling works so if you’re looking for a professional-grade course you need to look in the paid list just above in the article.

4. Derek Lee – Free Amazon FBA course

Derek Lee – Free Amazon FBA course

Derek Lee is a YouTuber and has been posting videos on the Amazon FBA course that he started back in 2017.

The course has over 40 videos divided into 8 modules competing with every other paid course out there. The course guides you through:

  • understanding the FBA business model
  • setting up an account on Amazon
  • product research and using different tools and services to find the optimal product for selling on Amazon
  • competitor checks on different products
  • how to find top quality suppliers and mechanisms of shipping to the desired destination

Create a strong listing on Amazon, effectively launching your product, utilizing the marketing and advertising to boost your sales like Facebook advertising and PPC campaigns.

5. Travis Marziani

Travis Marziani is an Amazon seller himself and has made over 7 figures of sales on Amazon.

He publishes videos on YouTube every week and as per his channel, he wants to share his knowledge and has a passion for creating products.

The whole channel is filled with teaching on Amazon FBA and marketing strategies to make your product stand out in the crowded Amazon world.

From setting up an Amazon account to secret tricks to double your sales Travis has delineated every detail on the e-commerce industry.

6. Free Amazon FBA Course for Beginners – 2020 Private Label

Created by Brock Jonhson and listed several Reddit communities this free course provides 3 plus hours of Amazon FBA training content.

Brock has over 12 years of e-commerce experience, has been teaching his 30 thousand plus subscribers on YouTube, and also offers a paid course for Amazon FBA sellers.

The free Amazon FBA course is divided into 6 sections with over 4 hours of videos lectures teaching you:

  • how to increase your odds of success on the giant e-commerce store
  • how to do product research and validate your ideas
  • finding the best suppliers
  • listing in a way to make both Amazon and buyers happy
  • launching strategies on Amazon, and other resources Brock himself used to achieve his success

7. Free Amazon FBA Course YouTube – Bashar J Katou

Bashar J Katou has been in the Amazon FBA business since 2015 succeeding himself and helping others thrive in selling the next top product.

He has devised a complete course on Amazon FBA and posts weekly tips and tricks, steps, and strategies you can utilize to make your business a success.

In the course he talks on Amazon FBA in a simplified and scripted manner, from product research and seasonality to product liability insurance, he talks all in-depth into the Amazon FBA and how you can utilize this service to grow your business.

8. Amazon FBA Mini-Course: Find A Profitable Product To Import

Curated by Eric John Campbell and Erik Rogne the course is offered free and has been taught to over 16 thousand students.

In this mini-course, you’ll learn how to find a product with high-income potential and import it to sell on Amazon.

Providing a cheat sheet for you to learn which product has the prospective growth chance. The products divide into categories to target the high-income categories and focus your search in a specific category.

Uses the Unicorn Smasher Chrome extension to boost your product research and get the most out of this free course.

9. Amazon FBA University Udemy

A quick intro into the Amazon FBA world from Greg Mercer. The course is free and has been taken by over 14 thousand students and maintains a high rating.

In the course, you’ll learn how to research products, find sources, and sell the product on Amazon using its Fulfillment by Amazon service.

Building an Amazon business is a remote work the course will guide you to sell source products on Amazon, take professional pictures of your products and list them on your store, design and source product packaging, and start shipping.

10. Amazon FBA: Research, Find and Source a Profitable Product

Amazon FBA: Research, Find and Source a Profitable Product

Eric Lafleche explains in this small course how to find the perfect product to be sold on Amazon.

The course divides into 4 modules with around 40 minutes of video lectures on finding winning products via manual search and software-assisted research methods.

Once the products are found, the course also guides you on finding the right suppliers on Alibaba and AliExpress.

What Do Amazon FBA Courses Teach you?

Why would someone need to take an Amazon FBA course? Or what does the Amazon FBA course teach you and how will it benefit you?

Are some questions everyone ponders before making a hefty investment in the training course.

The benefits and learning curve these courses offer are sometimes better to save your Amazon business from an early doom.

  • You get to know all the caveats and research your competitors before you even begin your journey into the market.
  • Learn and identify to sell the products with low competition and at a higher profit.
  • Making the most of Amazon require certain tools and strategies to implement and these courses are tailored keeping that in mind, making it easy for novice sellers to earn big numbers
  • Identifying and working with reliable suppliers for the next top product can also be learned from FBA courses.
  • Some modules and trainers also help with freighting and logistical processes, the trickiest part of selling on Amazon.
  • Utilizing the latest SEO practices and marketing tactics to increase your product outreach.

Is Amazon Training Course Worth It?

As with everything else on the internet Amazon is also being targeted by scammers and fake gurus to lure unaware people into their trap by showing big numbers and telling fake stories.

Amazon is the biggest e-commerce platform and professional sellers are enjoying 7 figure sales per month and the platform is ever-growing with millions of buyers signing up every year from around the world.

To tap into the ever-growing market everyone wants to have their share of the big pie but to earn big you need to be proactive and weed out the scammers from authentic and white-collar sellers.

I’ve delineated through a long list of authentic and professional level courses for you and also gone through the features to look for in an Amazon FBA course training before you pay the heavy price tag for the course.


Amazon can be your ladder to success and one of the best decisions of your life. However, to utilize the full potential of this gigantic e-commerce platform you first need to learn how to sell and how to expand to millions of clientele.

The courses presented and reviewed here offer most of the information needed for you to tap into and get started with your earning from the swiftly growing Amazon traffic.

The Amazon Seller University also offers several training videos and webinars guiding sellers to make optimal profits and fulfill customer demands satisfactorily.

I tried to present the whole picture, from paid courses to freely offered Amazon FBA courses providing something unique for everyone.

These courses will help you get going with your own business, but not something to get you rich quickly. Starting and growing your business will require hard work and dedication from your end.

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