9 Best Amazon FBA Podcasts For Amazon Private Label Sellers

In a busy world, podcasts are a great way to collect a large amount of information on a subject in an easy to digest format.  

Ideal for when you’re on the move, a podcast is an episodic collection of digital audio or video files that can be downloaded and watched / listened to on laptops or mobile devices.

For the Amazon seller, podcasts are an invaluable tool for gaining advice and updates quickly and easily.

In fact, Amazon seller podcasts are so popular that there are, literally, hundreds to choose from so we’ve put together the best 9 for Amazon private label sellers.

1. The Amazing seller

The Amazing $eller was created by Scott Voelker, owner of a portrait studio owner and entrepreneur.  Spotting a gap in the market, Scott decided to create podcasts specifically for Amazon sellers in order to provide help and advice on topics such as keyword tracking, the best ways to source products and how to optimize your listings to increase sales.  

The websites updates podcasts every couple of days including information about Scott’s own journey and how he achieved success with Amazon selling.  

The podcast archive includes topics like, “Business Cashflow And When To Pay Yourself Profit,” “6 Tips To Grow Your Business Using Outsourcing” and “Failed Product Launch Using Email List And What To Do Next.”

To listen to The Amazing Seller podcasts, click HERE.

2. AMZsecrets

Amazon private label specialist, AMZsecrets features monthly guest podcasts from entrepreneurs and selling experts.

Targeted at experienced sellers rather than beginners, the site, which was launched by David Aladdin, claims to have 150,000 active listeners worldwide.  

Recent podcasts include “The Best Entrepreneurs Have Better Systems Than You” by Aaron O’Sullivan and “Pivoting To 1 Million Paydays” by Murray Priestley where he talks about his book “The 1M Payday” and how to use systemization to improve profits.  

To listen to the latest AMZsecrets podcasts, click HERE.

3. FBA All Stars

Matt Ward’s FBA All Stars aims to encourage and Amazon sellers at all levels with the motto “One step to 7 figures”.

Matt’s own goal is to make a million in a year and he uses the site not only to catalog his own journey but to point out the benefits and pitfalls to those following behind.  

The podcasts on the site are a mixture of Matt’s own podcasts and those of his guests.  Updated weekly, recent podcasts include Matt’s “The Future of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Roundtable” and an interview with Chad Rubin where he discusses how he achieved seven figures with his private label business. 

The website also includes the extremely useful ‘This Week In Amazon’ which offers a snapshot of the activity from the past seven days.  

To hear the latest FBA All Stars podcasts, click HERE.

4. AM PM Podcast

Created by Amazon seller Manny Coates who also owns, AM PM Podcast is a one-stop shop for webinars, blogs, and podcasts which are all focussed on Amazon selling.

Coates is an entrepreneur, speaker and seller who has been selling on Amazon since 2015. He created AM PM Podcast to bring together the world’s experts and invited them to share experience and expertise.  

Podcasts are updated regularly and include something for everyone; Kevin King’s “Selling On Amazon For Beginners” is aimed at those just starting out with Amazon selling and includes help and advice on getting an Amazon private label business off the ground in a hugely competitive market.  

In “How I Made $1 Million In One Month”, Manny explains the selling tactics that he used in order to make a staggering one million dollars in December 2017.  

The site also features a replay of the last Illuminati Mastermind webinar and offers a chance to attend the next – although you’ll need to be quick as there are only 1000 spots available.

To listen to these and more click HERE.

5. FBA Podcasts

As the name suggests, FBA Podcasts is just that – a website dedicated to professional and informative podcasts for those either looking to start an Amazon FBA business or looking for advice on more advanced selling tactics.  

Launched and run by Ryan Reger, FBA Podcasts is a great place to start for those who are new to Amazon private label selling as podcasts start with the basic “What Exactly Is Amazon FBA?” which explains in detail the purpose and benefits of Amazon FBA selling.  

For more advanced sellers, Ryan’s “My Product, Creating A Prototype And A $250 Challenge To Myself” explains, step by step, an experiment whereby he creates a product from scratch for under $250 to sell on Amazon.

Insisting that Amazon private label selling is more than a get rich scheme, Ryan aims to educate people on creating solid lifelong Amazon selling businesses.  

To listen to Ryan’s podcast, click HERE.

6. Malik Enterprises Inc

Jordan Malik is an author, podcaster and Amazon seller who has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine and The Financial Times.  

He created Malik Enterprises Inc to help e-commerce merchants to significantly increase sales.  Jordan’s podcasts, which are free to download from iTunes, cover a wide range of topics – There are currently a whopping 100 podcasts available which tackle issues such as accounting, sourcing products, increasing sales, legal obligations, UPC codes and tax implications.

There’s not much that Jordan doesn’t cover in his series of bite-sized Amazon selling podcasts and all of them offer straight-talking helpful advice.  

An award-winning Amazon seller himself, Jordan is the author of three books on the subject which are available to buy from his website.  

To find out more about Jordan Malik and to listen to his podcasts, click HERE.

7.  Private Label Movement

Private Label Movement is the brainchild of Kevin Rizer and was created exclusively for Amazon private label sellers.  

Kevin, who began selling as a hobby, is now considered to be one of the most respected and influential Amazon FBA selling professionals in the industry and is a popular speaker on the subject.  

Private Label Movement, which is known for its straight-talking approach and now employs 12 members of staff, is one of the highest-rated Amazon seller podcast sites and features over 200 podcasts from Kevin Rizer and specially selected guest podcasters.  

Recent podcasts include Kevin’s “Time To Reconsider Seller Fulfilled Prime”, “Amazon Systems And Processes” by Josh Fonger and Brian Burt’s “Private Label Success Through Influencer Marketing.”  

Regular podcasts also include Amazon coupons for members’ use.  The Private Label Movement website also features regular blog posts by Kevin and a useful Resources section with affiliate links.  

To join the movement click HERE.

8. Smart Online Seller

Hailed as a guide to Amazon FBA private labeling, product marketing strategies and selling online, Smart Online Seller is run by Luke Jilas and Justin Balk and is a fount of information for Amazon private label sellers.

Although there is a small Resource section, Smart Online Seller is all about the podcasts, six of which are featured on the website.  

Podcasts include work by Luke and Justin such as “SOS 005 Designing Winning Amazon FBA Private Label Products Through Marketing & Product Research” and “How to Research Extremely Profitable Items To Sell On Amazon” and also guest posts including Will Tjernlund who talks about how he built up his incredible $6 million Amazon selling businesses and shares his tips on choosing products to sell.  

To find out more about Smart Online Seller, visit the site HERE.

9.  My Wife Quit Her Job

My Wife Quit Her Job – Not just a cute name, Steve Chou’s website includes the story of how he and his wife shook off complacency and began selling on Amazon in their spare time instead of sitting in front of the television, resulting in a degree of success that allowed his wife to leave her job to sell full time.  

Probably the most comprehensive of the nine sites, My Wife Quit Her Job features regular blog posts, online store tutorials, tools, transparent income reports and, of course, podcasts.

Chou, who claims to have made over $100,000 in just 12 months, also offers a six-day mini-course as well as running a wedding handkerchief business.  

The website contains a large number of podcasts and the topics include “How To Approach A New Wholesale Vendor Or Supplier When You Have No Store, No Site And No Sales”, “Private Label Vs Retail Arbitrage Vs Dropshipping Vs Wholesale – 8 Ecommerce Business Models Compared” and “How To Increase Your Amazon Sales By 209% With A Simple Photo Tweak”.

Members need to fill in a short registration form in order to listen to podcasts by Steve Chou and his carefully selected guest podcasters.  

To register and listen, click HERE.

Inspirational and motivational, the above sites highlight their owners’ personal success stories and contain valuable information to help both beginners and Amazon seller old hands to maximize their sales and profits as an Amazon private label seller.

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