An Amazon to eBay lister is a service that companies provide to make cross-site selling easier and more efficient.

These Amazon to eBay lister services will re-list all of your items on Amazon, and keep them synced with each other, so you’ll never double-sell an item on either site.

This article lists 9 Amazon to eBay lister services that are known for being reliable and a great value.

1. Joelister


If you’re looking for an Amazon to eBay lister service that can automatically populate your eBay listings with images and product information, look no further than JoeLister.

You can publish hundreds of your listings from Amazon to eBay in just one click with JoeLister. JoeLister will always keep your items synced between both selling sites, so you’re not at risk of overselling stock, or double-selling a single item.

When payment has cleared from an item you’ve sold on eBay, JoeLister gives the information to Amazon so the product can be shipped.

The shipping number is then added to your eBay listing. JoeLister offers multiple price options for its services, starting from $29 per month for the basic package, which includes 100 live listings, up to $499 per month for unlimited listings.

2. Amlister


With Amlister, you’re getting an innovative lister for your Amazon to eBay needs.

The service doesn’t charge per listing; you only pay when an order is received on eBay.

You’ll be able to preview your listings on eBay before they go live and customize your listing template. Your inventory will always be synchronized with Amlister, and the service can automatically update your Amazon prices, too.

Amlister has all the tools you need in one place, including automatic ordering, for buyers who make a purchase from your eBay.

Amlister will use self-fulfillment on Amazon to fulfill shipping to your buyer. You can try Amlister for free, but the full package price for all services and Amlister support starts at $500.

3. WowLister


WowLister is the simplest way to add your Amazon to eBay account.

When you’re tired of having to rewrite all of your product listings, this is where WowLister will give you an advantage.

WowLister will recreate all of your Amazon listings on eBay with amazing descriptions, and perfect imagery. They guarantee that they can create your new listing in 60 seconds, or your money back.

Their packages vary, starting with their free package, which comes with 10 listings per month, up to their pro package; for $49.99 a month, you can get 1000 monthly listings, access to all updates, bulk listing services, custom listing templates, and 24/7 support.

4. Segemai Retail

Segemai Retail

When you’re looking for hassle-free listing templates, and scheduled listing services, Segemai Retail is the right Amazon to eBay lister for you.

With Segemai, you can have full control over your inventory and eBay orders, with full drop-ship automation support.

Unlike other Amazon to eBay lister services, Segemai offers its Intelli-Pricer, which will help you avoid overselling or making any business losses by selling products with a price that is too low for the market.

Segemai offers a tiered pricing structure, based on a pay-per-use model. Their auto-lister is $0.02 to $0.04 per listing, depending on how many products you list using their service, but it comes free if you use their intelli-pricer service, which starts at $40 per month for 1000 products or less, and greatly cheapens with larger product number services. Their auto-ordering service ranges from $0.40 to $0.50 per product listing.

5. Web Seller Guru
Web Seller Guru

The Web Seller Guru has several main features, including a listing builder for your Amazon to eBay lister needs, a tracking system to track prices and stock availability across your selling sites, and a quantity manager to track product quantities and keep you up-to-date on your stock over Amazon and eBay.

The Web Seller Guru software allows you to track your products and get updates every time price or stock availability changes.

It automatically takes actions pre-set by the user, sparing your time and unnecessary loss while you’re selling.

Web Seller Guru has more package options than most other Amazon to eBay lister services, starting from $10 for 100 products, all the way up to $900 for 20000 products.

6. M2E Pro
M2E Pro

M2E Pro allows you to import all of your product data using their Amazon to eBay lister services.

Their powerful inventory and management system is perfect for existing Amazon and eBay sellers who are looking for a program to list all of their products for them.

With M2E Pro, all of your product information is stored on their system, and then you can choose which site – eBay or Amazon – to upload your products to you.

There’s no downtime, and all of your selling history and rankings will be exactly the same during the move. You can try M2E Pro for 60 days before choosing your price package. Price packages start at a basic free rate and are divided into business needs up to $999.

7. Sellbrite

Sellbrite is a smarter way to list your existing Amazon products on eBay. Listings are automated, and you can sync all of your products and shipping costs across your selling channels.

Unlike other Amazon to eBay lister services, Sellbrite can list your products on a large number of other selling sites, and they aim to ensure that you’ll sell more with them.

Their pricing packages are split up very cleanly, by first asking how much you usually sell a month, and then offering packages based on that amount. Packages start at $49 a month.


8. Cross Post It

Cross Post It

At Cross Post It, you can benefit from their multi-marketplace software, for businesses that are serious about growing.

It’s a powerful lister that helps you sell your products across multiple online marketplaces while providing real-time inventory synchronization, order fulfillment, and sales reports.

Pricing starts as low as $30 a month, and you can even manage your listing images before they go live.

9. Listing Mirror


With Listing Mirror, you’ll reap the benefits of an Amazon to eBay lister service that gives you full control over your listing management, order fulfillment, and inventory syncing.

Listing Mirror also offers advanced inventory management, allowing you to group together products that can be sold as a single unit.

Packages start at $69 a month, but there’s also a year option for new listing starters, which is priced at $500 for the first year with Listing Mirror.

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