Best VPN for Online Shopping & Small Business

6 Best VPN for Online Shopping & Small Business

With the vigorous development of cross-border e-commerce, we will need to use VPN in an increasing number of areas. VPN has become an indispensable part for many of us. But do you really know how to find a reliable VPN service? If you are not quite professional in this field, you should really take some time to read this article as we summarize 6 of the best VPN.

The Benefit of VPN for Online Shopping and Small Business

There are many benefits of using a VPN. The most significant benefit of using a VPN is it enhanced online security, secures internet traffic from the prying eyes of cybercriminals, which is particularly critical for small enterprises.

Besides, VPN enables you to access files safely in public networks/Wi-Fi by hiding your sensitive information: browsing history, banking information, account passwords, and more from malicious internet strangers.

Moreover, VPN makes it possible for you to access any content in any place. In the United States and most other countries, the usage of VPN is legal, which provides you a useful workaround to content restrictions.

6 Best VPN for Online Shopping and Small Business

In case you guys need to find a reputable VPN service provider, we’ve compiled a list of 6 reliable VPN providers.

1. Surfshark

Whether you are already a VPN user, you might have heard about the Surfshark review previously as it’s frequently mentioned by Yahoo, Washington Post, Digital Trends, LinkedIn, and many other well-known social media. Surfshark has four major features: Worldwide servers, Blazing fast speeds, Secure protocols, Extensive features. Many users choose them because their price is competitive while the speed is excellent, and they don’t limit your devices. What’s more, there is no extra charge for Surfshark. But on some rare occasions, it might have a delay connecting to some servers.

2. Expressvpn

As one of the leading VPN service providers, Expressvpn provides you with high-speed servers across 94 countries. There is no doubt that Expressvpn’s speed is exceptionally fast and reliable, which you will get fast speeds on all servers worldwide, and it has user-friendly apps for PC, Mac, iOS, Android & more(no Linux GUI), also it promises an audited zero-logs policy, which no data leaks. However, unlike Surfshark, Expressvpn can only support five devices connections simultaneously. And the price of Expressvpn is relatively expensive. 

3. NordVPN

The mission of NordVPN is to make you feel secure in everything you do, hence with the top-notch privacy and security provided by NordVPN, it is safe to conclude that using NordVPN to operate your online stores and having online shopping is certainly secure. Yet users might have to do some updates when using NordVPN, and it supports 6 devices connecting at the same time. Meanwhile, the OpenVPN configuration might not quite user-friendly. It is worth noting that NordVPN accepts cryptocurrencies and cash as payment.

4. IPVanish

IPVanish, like Surfshark, has no limit to devices. You can use it with almost any device. With over 1,000 servers in a network, IPVanish has grown to cover over 60 countries around the world, but its main focus is in Europe and North America. The fact that IPVanish claims to own all of its infrastructures is astonishing. As a US-based firm, IPVanish has a fiduciary duty to assist authorities in their investigations. Some users might have claimed about IPVanish customer support, this might differ from person to person.

5. ProtonVPN

The superior security features of ProtonVPN make it stand out. It adheres to a rigorous no-logs policy and supports both P2P and streaming. As a Swiss VPN provider, ProtonVPN values users’ privacy by relying on the tight privacy regulations of Switzerland, which do not keep track of user activities or share data with third parties. The anonymous VPN service enables the Internet without surveillance. The disadvantage of ProtonVPN is that it only has email support, does not have live chat support. Furthermore, ProtonVPN has limited Asia Region Servers, for which they do not work in China.

6. Ivacy

Though Ivacy is a decent VPN provider, it’s not widely known as the five mentioned above. However, this does not prevent it from kicking in 2021 because of its low prices and ability to unblock Netflix. There’s no denying that Ivacy is one of the cheapest VPN providers on the market, it allows ten devices to be connected simultaneously. Despite the good customer support, they only have English-speaking customer service. And sometimes there might be difficulties streaming Netflix.


There are many VPN providers on the market, but the quality varies. Choosing a trustworthy VPN provider will greatly secure online shopping and business. It’s critical for small businesses, cross-border e-commerce sellers to think twice before purchasing the VPN service as a reliable VPN provider not only ensures you safe Internet but also barrier-free access worldwide.