The life of an Amazon FBA private label seller is not always an easy one.  From shipping issues to price hikes, there are many obstacles to be overcome in order to become a successful seller.

One of the main sticking points, particularly for new Amazon sellers, is knowing which products to sell in the first place.  If you’re lucky, you’ll start out with at least an idea of where your niche will be but, for others, the search for product and niche ideas can be frustrating and time-consuming.

Many sellers find that they will identify a product only to find that the market is already saturated or that profit margins are prohibitive.  Below, we’ve put together a guide to the best sites to help you find your selling groove.

1. Kickstarter

kickstarter to find product idea

Primarily a crowdfunding site which allows people to raise money for personal projects and charitable causes, Kickstarter is also a useful tool for private label product ideas.

Kickstarter has a number of search options – users can either search by category or genre or, great for Amazon sellers, it has a really handy ‘everything section’ where users can browse all current projects.

As well as being a great source of product and niche ideas, some Amazon sellers have also gone on to create partnerships with Kickstarter fundraisers, giving them exclusive rights to sell the fundraiser’s products.

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2. Indiegogo

Like Kickstarter, Indiegogo is a crowdfunding site which, during its young life (founded in 2007), has launched the careers of a number of entrepreneurs.  

The site works by a fundraiser starting a project which members of the public, or businesses, can then donate to in order to help get it off the ground.

Users can easily navigate the site by category or can use the ‘explore section’ in order to see which projects are current and how much money has been raised so far.

3. eBay’s Global Deals

You will, of course, have heard of auction giant, eBay and will, most likely have used it yourself at one time or another.  

What you may not know, however, is that eBay has a number of features which are perfect for the inspiration-seeking Amazon FBA private label seller.

eBay’s Global Deals section is tailor-made for Amazon sellers.  Featuring the best eBay deals in real-time, Global Deals is a comprehensive listing of all the best deals available at the time, from headphones to housing.

eBay’s popularity means that there are always thousands of deals to browse so this is one that’s definitely worth keeping on your favorites list.

4. eBay Watched Item

WUANTO is another invaluable eBay initiative for Amazon sellers as its crammed full of Amazon FBA product ideas.  Users have the option to search by country to find out what’s popular.

The site uses Ebay’s ‘watch’ feature which potential buyers use to earmark products which they are interested in.  Watched Item allows users to search by popularity to see which products are being watched – and by how many people – in order to get an insight into what buyers are looking for.

WUANTO ebay watched item

5.  Trend Hunter

Hunting for trends?  Trend Hunter is the place to be for those looking for cutting edge and quirky products and niche ideas.  

Powered by 209,000 people, Trend Hunter is all about innovation and ‘what’s hot’ and offers valuable ideas and insights for Amazon sellers looking to sell products which are a little different.

6. Angel

Angel is all about the startups – from job vacancies within startups to investment opportunities,  Angel provides users with the pick of the world’s latest and hottest start up companies with an overview of products and services.  

The range available on Angel offers a wealth of ideas to Amazon sellers looking for new products.

7. YouTube Trending

Like with eBay, you’ve no doubt heard of YouTube but may not be aware of the potential it offers to Amazon FBA sellers.  

The video giant, popular around the globe, is not just for people looking for videos of cats – it’s Trending section is an amazing source of inspiration for Amazon sellers, giving access to thousands of new products and services.

One of the huge advantages of YouTube’s Trending is that there are huge amounts of ideas available – usually accessed in a handy two to three minutes video clip.


8. Pinterest

If you thought Pinterest was just a forum for holiday bragging, think again. Although it has more than its fair share of exotic locations and stunning selfies, Pinterest can also be a brilliant tool for those looking for products or niche inspiration.  

Users can search categories of the board in order to find new and quirky products.

9. Google Trends

Is there nothing that the almighty Google doesn’t do?  It would appear not – which is great news for Amazon sellers.  The Google Trends feature allows inspiration seekers to search by country for the latest trends.

Google Trends takes a little bit of getting used to as it features not just product information but breaking news from the world of politics, finance and more.  

It’s worth persevering with though, as once you’ve got the hang of it, there are tons of product and niche ideas for the taking.

10. Oberlo

Want to know what to sell, how to sell it and where to sell it?  You’ve come to the right place by visiting Oberlo.

Created with Amazon sellers in mind, Oberlo is a one-stop shop for those researching specific products or simply looking for a few Amazon FBA product ideas.

Users can search specific products or simply browse and the site also includes a whole host of useful articles, tips, and guides for every seller, from beginners to experts.

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11. Amazon Best Seller

If you’re looking for inspiration as an Amazon seller, who better to deliver it than Amazon itself?  There are a number of really useful features on Amazon’s site, the first of which, Best Sellers, should be on every private label seller’s list.

As the name suggests, Best Sellers offers a rundown of the most sold products on Amazon along with ranking, sales info and product details.

Users can search by ranking or by category in order to quickly get an idea of what savvy shoppers are after in real-time.

This is particularly useful for Amazon sellers looking for inspiration as the results are often surprising – sure, we can all guess that the latest Apple watch is going to be a big seller but, often, you’ll come across less expected product ideas which are shifting great numbers of units.

12.  Amazon’s New Releases

Always great with the self-explanatory names, Amazon’s New Releases section features…… releases on Amazon.  This is a great tool for Amazon sellers looking to get in at the beginning of a product’s life in order to maximize sales.  

Amazon’s new releases can be searched by genre and category for a quick and easy view of everything that’s just hit Amazon’s shelves.

13. Amazon’s Movers and Shakers

Movers and Shakers is Amazon’s guide to products which have gained the most in sales ranking during the last 24 hours.  Updated hourly, this is a great tool for identifying new trends as they unfold.


14. Amazon’s Most Wished For

Last, but not least, is Amazon’s Most Wished For section.  When shopping on Amazon, users are able to put a product on their wish list if it is of interest but they’re not quite ready to buy.  

The Most Wished For section gives an overview of the most wish-listed products as well as products added to a wedding and special occasion registries.

There are literally millions of products out there just waiting for a savvy seller to snap them up – and we hope this guide helps you to find yours!

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