13 Amazon FBA Forums For Sellers To Learn More

As an Amazon FBA seller, it’s important to know what’s going on within the industry and to keep on top of new product trends and sales techniques.  

A great way to stay informed and to pick up handy tips and advice is to join an Amazon FBA forum and, here, we list the best of these:

1. Amazon Services Sellers Forum


One of the most popular Amazon seller forums is Amazon Services Sellers Forum.  

A hugely useful source of information for FBA sellers, the site features handy links to frequently asked questions as well as the opportunity for users to pose their own questions to other sellers.  

This site is a great way of staying on top of industry news and events and should be on every Amazon seller’s Favourites list.

2. Warrior Forum


The Warrior Forum is a lot less scary than it sounds and is a great source of information for Amazon sellers.  

As well as links to FAQs and the option to start your own thread, the site also features regular blog posts to keep sellers up to date with events and new selling techniques.

3. Reddit


Reddit is an online community which allows Amazon sellers to interact and compare experiences as well as sharing tips and advice.  

As well as user questions, the site also features a weekly Q&A section.  The status bar offers options such as ‘hot’, ‘rising’ and ‘controversial’ in order to allow sellers to easily navigate to a section relevant to their needs.  

Amazon sellers can also access hundreds of ‘subreddits’ which are Q&A threads and posts and which can be extremely useful for picking up tips and solving sticky issues with selling.

4. Web Retailer


Well laid out and clear to navigate, the Web Retailer Forum lets you browse a large number of topics and questions quickly and easily.  

Aimed at the more experienced seller, in-depth questions and answers include software, technology and advanced selling techniques – and there’s no need to even register before getting involved (although users do need to sign up to the site in order to access the web retailer forum).

5. UK Business Forums


Although not dedicated to Amazon FBA selling, UK Business Forums is a useful tool for questions arising from other parts of a seller’s business such as accounting, marketing, and legal issues.  

A great tool to keep handy, the UK Business Forums site can help you to navigate the many tricky aspects of running a business efficiently and to troubleshoot any legal or technical issues.

6. Digital Point Forum


The Digital Point forum is, as the name suggests, an online community and is a great tool for Amazon FBA sellers.  

You can browse others users’ questions by date or by topic or post your own to the community.  As well as the forum, the site features a marketplace, useful online tools such as a Rank Checker and a members area.

7. Amazon Turkey Forum

Amazon Turkey Forum

The Amazon Turkey Forum is a comprehensive source of advice by Amazon sellers for Amazon sellers, meaning that it’s coming from people in your position who have experienced the same issues and problems, and features a clear and concise dashboard to allow users to easily move to the most relevant page.  

Questions include advice on multiple sales, UPC and software comparisons.

8. AMZ Tracker Community Forum


Only for use by Amz Tracker users, the Amz Tracker Community Forum is a dedicated online resource for the use of Amz Tracker as well as more general Amazon selling issues and questions.  

Amz Tracker is a comprehensive suite of software tools designed to help Amazon FBA Sellers to streamline and improve their business and includes features such as blogs, sales tracker, revenue estimators and more.

Members of the Amz Tracker Community Forum can browse questions by date or topic, post their own question and, can even browse unanswered questions in order to offer advice.

9. Facebook Groups


Social Media is a great way of keeping your finger on the pulse as an Amazon seller and, there are a number of really useful Facebook pages that can be accessed on the go.

As well as a number of general groups like Amazon FBA Sellers with 11,000 members and Amazon Sellers with 29,000 members, there are several more specific groups such as Amazon Seller Performance (suspensions), Rights Owners & Legal Issues which gives users a community in which to tackle serious questions and issues.

The beauty of Facebook groups is that they can be accessed quickly and easily wherever you are and, groups like these have thousands of regular users meaning that questions can be asked and answered within a short amount of time.

If you find that there’s no Facebook page dedicated to your particular interest or issue, you can always start your own and invite like-minded sellers to join.

10. Webinars


Webinars are topic-specific guides which can be watched online in order to quickly learn about a particular subject.  

Usually offered in bite-sized, short videos that users can watch and save in order to compile their own online library.  Sellers can also join up in order to interact with other sellers and the creator of the webinar in order to gain help on questions and issues.  

Popular webinars include training courses and YouTube videos such as the popular FBA WEBINAR & Amazon FBA Strategy Training To Learn to How To Sell & Analyze Amazon Products.

11. Meetup


For those old-schoolers who prefer to real-life interaction with other Amazon FBA Sellers, the Meet Up is a great way to get together with like-minded people in your area within a social environment.

Events range from casual get-togethers to more structured topic-specific workshops and can help Amazon sellers to build up a network of contacts within the industry.  

For a list of events in your area, check out Meet Up which features a comprehensive calendar of events.

Whilst not specifically targeted at Amazon Sellers, it’s worth taking a look at other business-related question and answer forums for tips and advice on how to make your business work harder.

12. Quora


Quora is a global Q&A forum that tackles every topic under the sun – and then some.  It may take a little browsing before you find the topic relevant to you but, the huge number of responses to most questions makes the work worthwhile.  

Users can browse by topic or date and can set up notifications to alert them whenever a new answer is posted on a particular question.  

Questions can be posted quickly and easily via a handy button at the top of the page.  With 100 million monthly users, there’s an excellent chance that you’ll find what you’re looking for on this handy site.

13. Yahoo Answers


Using a similar format to Quora is Yahoo Answers. As the name suggests,  Yahoo Answers is an online Q&A forum and, whilst not Amazon seller specific, the site is popular with sellers and, the sheer volume of users almost guarantees that you’ll find what you’re looking for.  

The page is simple and straightforward – you simply type your question into the dashboard bar and then navigate the related topics – users need to have a Yahoo account in order to access this resource.

Being an Amazon FBA Seller can often be an isolating experience as many sellers work from home without the benefit of colleagues to bounce ideas off and help with sticky issues.  

Becoming involved with webinars, forums and social media groups and attending Meet Ups is a great way to interact with others, build a business network and even have some fun whilst running your business.

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