Match Reviews with Orders and Say Goodbye to Negative Reviews

The powerful Amazon seller tool helps sellers monitor product reviews, automatically matches reviews with orders and enables sellers to contact buyers directly to remove negative reviews from all marketplaces.

Monitors Reviews

Provides Access to Order ID

Handles Negative Reviews

Optimizes Amazon Listings

Promotes Sales


The Most Effective Amazon Seller Tool for Review Management

access to reviewers

Provides Direct Access to Reviewers

Due to Amazon policy, sellers cannot get buyers’ order information directly. AMZFinder, however, can accurately match reviews with orders, through which sellers can contact buyers to handle negative reviews in a timely fashion.

Accurate Matches Without Missing Any Reviews and Orders

The matching accuracy of AMZFinder is among the highest of all seller tools on the market. This is thanks to the unique fully automatic review and order matching system. The tool is completely stable and safe to use.

match reviews to orders
save time of dealing with reviews

Process Reviews in Batches to Save 95% of Time

Unlike other clients that tell you to manually match reviews with orders, AMZFinder automatically matches each review with the corresponding order. This provides a direct point of contact with the buyer while also greatly cutting down on the time spent doing so.

One Account to Serve Multiple Marketplaces and Listings

AMZFinder can sync all reviews and there is no limit on the number of listings. You can use one account to manage reviews from across multiple marketplaces.

serve multiple marketplaces
AMZFinder interface

Clear & Attractive User Interface

AMZFinder has a sleek and clean user interface. It displays the most critical information based on the feedback from experienced users. Both beginners and big sellers alike find it easy to use.

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Syncs Reviews in Real Time

AMZFinder syncs reviews of all listings in a clear and easy-to-understand way. You can view buyer IDs, orders, pictures, detailed descriptions and corresponding listing links.

Daily Email Report

Each day, AMZFinder generates an email report on reviews and corresponding orders so you can monitor and handle reviews in a timely fashion.

Prioritizes Reviews by Rating

All reviews are classified into 5 levels according to the actual rating. They are then marked with different statuses in your AMZFinder dashboard so you can spot the urgent reviews that need your attention most.

One-Click to Contact Buyers

Once the review is matched with the order ID, you can contact and write messages directly to the buyer by one click.

Respond to Reviews

By clicking reply in each review, you are able to give quick feedback.

Marks the Review Status

All reviews will be marked with either Processing, Pending, Unable to Process or Done, which can help you to monitor the progress of each review.

Advanced Review Filters

AMZFinder allows you to filter reviews by SKU, ASIN, order ID, or marketplace so you can prioritize reviews when dealing with large orders.

Supports Multiple Marketplaces

AMZFinder supports 9 marketplaces including North American (US, CA), European (UK, DE, FR, IT, ES), Japan and Indian.


"Top notch. Very clear and convenient. It sorted my reviews so I could handle the negative reviews first."
Peter Russell
United Kingdom
"AMZFinder is a lifesaver! It saves me time contacting customers and helps monitor reviews for me."
Riley Powel
United Kingdom
"AMZFinder gives accurate matches. I didn’t have to waste time finding negative reviews and was able to optimize listings."
Markus Meier

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